AVR Microcontroller Projects for Engineering Students

Nowadays electronics and communication engineering students are trying to develop their skills and knowledge by developing projects, especially in the electronics and communication field. ECE projects mainly include RFID, embedded systems, Android, GSM, GPS, and AVR microcontroller projects. So here we are providing some AVR microcontroller projects for electronics and communication engineering students. These projects are very useful for B.Tech students from various branches like EIE (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering), ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering), and EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering).

AVR Microcontroller Projects for Engineering Students

AVR microcontroller was developed in 1996 by Atmel Company, and the architecture of the AVR microcontroller was developed by Vegard Vollan and Alf Egil Bogen. The name of AVR is derived from its developers. AVR stands for Alf-Egil-Bogen-Vegard-Wollan-RISC Microcontroller and also known as Advanced Virtual RISC Microcontroller. The first microcontroller AT90S8515 was based on AVR architecture, but the first microcontroller to hit the business was AT90S1200 in the year 1997. The speed of the AVR microcontroller is high when compared to the PIC and 8051 microcontrollers.

AVR Microcontroller
AVR Microcontroller

These types of microcontrollers are available in three categories: Tiny AVR, Mega AVR, and Xmega AVR.

Types of AVR Micrcontroller
Types of AVR Microcontroller


Tiny AVR microcontroller consists of 6-32 pins and the flash memory range is from 0.5Kb to 8Kb. The special features of AVR are its small size, less memory, and it is suitable only for simpler applications.


This type of microcontroller consists of 28-100 pins and the amount of flash memory is from 4-256 KB. These types of microcontrollers are suitable for moderate to complex applications.


XmegaAVR microcontroller consists of 44-100 pins and the amount of flash memory is from 16-384 KB. These types of microcontrollers are used commercially for complex applications that require high speed and large program memory.


The AVR microcontroller projects are discussed below which are very helpful for electronics engineering students.

Garage Door Opening using the ATmega Microcontroller

The figure shows the block diagram of a garage door opening where the ATmega microcontroller acts as a central controller which accepts the input commands from the user to control the motor to open or close the door. Here Bluetooth modem accepts the user input signals and correspondingly sends it to the microcontroller.

When the user enters the correct password in the android application upon a Graphical User Interface (GUI) in any smartphone, the Bluetooth modem attached to the circuit receives it. This data further sends to the microcontroller where the password entered by the user compared with a stored password in it. When this password matches the ATmega microcontroller sends the control signals to the relay to operate the motor otherwise it gives a buzzer alarm. In the given figure motor is replaced with a lamp load for indication purpose.

LPG Gas Detector Based on AVR Microcontroller

This project is used to design an LPG gas detector using an AVR microcontroller. The dangerous LPG gas can be generated in the service stations, cars, storage tanks, etc. This gas can be detected by using a sensor like an ideal gas sensor. The detector unit of LPG gas can be arranged simply into a unit to generate an alarm once it detects the gas.

Once the sensor detects any LPG gas then its output will become low. So the microcontroller notices the output of the sensor so that it will turn ON /OFF the buzzer and sends an SMS to a predefined number.

AVR Microcontroller Based Greenhouse Controlling and Monitoring System

The proposed system implements a system by using different sensors for monitoring as well as controlling the environment of the greenhouse. The required components used in this greenhouse control system are Atmega328 microcontroller which includes different sensors like temperature, light, soil moisture, and LCD, Pump, LDR, Bulb, and 12V DC fan.

The temperature sensor is used to detect the temperature level. If the temperature level goes high DC then fans will turn ON and similarly, fans will turn OFF once the temperature goes low. The soil moisture sensor is used to detect the level of water level because once the water level reduces then the pump will turn ON. When the light is turned OFF, the sensor like LDR detects & the bulb will start glowing. In this way, it will become very simple to check & control the system.

AVR Microcontroller Based Electrical Devices Controlling Using Mobile

This project is implemented by using AVR ATmega8 microcontroller to control different electrical devices in your home such as fan, light, etc with the help of Android supported devices like phones, tabs, etc by sending instructions through Bluetooth.

Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter Based on ATmega16 Microcontroller

This project is used to design an automatic room light controller system through a visitor counter using ATmega16 Microcontroller. The main concept of this project is to control the room lights & counting the visitors within the room precisely. Whenever any person enters the room then the counter will be increased by one then the light will be turned ON automatically. Similarly, when the person leaves the room, the counter will be decreased by one and the light will be turned OFF automatically. So, the number of persons entered into the room will be displayed on LCD.

Car Parking Monitoring System Based on AVR Microcontroller

This system is used to demonstrate a car parking system automatically. This project uses IR sensors with LCD display, motors & microcontroller to control the entire system. This system uses an LCD to demonstrate an entrance display of the parking gate. This entrance display shows unfilled slots to a new car that is ready to enter into the parking area. If the parking area is filled with cars then it doesn’t open the gate. The parking slots can be detected through IR sensors, as well as these sensors, detect the arrival of vehicles at parking slots.

Mobile Controlled Robot based on AVR ATmega32 Microcontroller

This project is used to design a robot using AVR ATmega32 Microcontroller. In this project, the motion of the robot can be controlled through a mobile phone. The microcontroller is interfaced with the mobile phone using an IC MT8870. Whenever the cell phone gets the call, the user can use the buttons on the phone that can be established through the mobile phone within the robotic-like DTMF tones. So these tones are changed to BCD numbers through the DTMF decoder IC. Depending on the output of the BCD, the AVR microcontroller operates the vehicle movement.

AVRATmega32 Based Remote Surveillance Vehicle with Camera

The project is used for surveillance purpose and it can be controlled through a cell phone or a mobile. In this proposed system, the robot can be controlled through a mobile phone by making a call to the phone which is connected to the robot. The motors in this project can be controlled by sending the signal to the motor driver IC. For the spying, the camera is fixed on the top of the robotic vehicle to record the whole information regarding the robot as well as around the region. After that, the signal can be transmitted to the viewer through audio or video Tx-Rx

AVR Microcontroller Based Home Security System Using Keypad, LPG Sensor, IR Sensor or Security System

At present, home security is the main concern when we are away from home. Even if we have outstanding security agencies in your area, home security is mandatory. So this project implements an access control system for doors as well as windows using an AVR microcontroller. The different sensors used in this project are IR, PIR, magnetic, and switch sensor. At the transmitter end, the microcontroller will monitor the sensor’s data. If there is any issue is found, then the microcontroller at the receiver end will turn ON the buzzer and the issue is exhibited on the display.

AVR Microcontroller Based Digital Weather Station or Digital Weather Station Temperature Humid Light

This project implements a digital weather station using an AVR microcontroller. This project is used to check the conditions of weather and these conditions can be transmitted through wirelessly in the direction of a ground station so that readings can be displayed on an LCD display.

AVR Microcontroller Based WAV Player Using MMC Card

This project implements a WAV Player using an AVR microcontroller and an MMC card using AVR microcontroller. The voltage supply used by the MMC card is 3.3v. So a voltage regulator with 3.3v is used

Atmega8 Microcontroller Based Digital Dimmer

This project designs a digital dimmer to control the lamp brightness. This system can also be used for controlling the fan speed. This system can be built with AVR microcontroller as well as BTA12 TRIAC. In this project, the bulb intensity can be controlled as well as fan speed by using the pushbuttons. This system is also applicable for controlling the speed of the single-phase induction motor.

ATmega8515 Based Ultrasonic Range Finder

This project is used to design an ultrasonic range finder to measure the distance with the help of ultrasonic sensors. The signal of the ultrasonic will flow in the atmosphere in the direction of a barrier, which we want to calculate the space, and this signal part can be reflected back toward the receiver. The delay of time among the signals of transmitting & receiving can be determined through distance barriers.

AVR Microcontroller Based Temperature Indicator Using SMT160

The temperature sensors are different types that are available in the market. These temperature sensors generate both the analog as well as digital outputs. This project is used to implement a temperature indicator using AVR microcontroller and SMT160. This project is used to provide another temperature indicator by using an SMT160 digital sensor. Even though, this digital temperature doesn’t provide the temperature directly.

The list of some more AVR microcontroller project ideas is listed below. These types of AVR microcontroller projects can provide a good reference for electronics and communication engineering students. Below is the list of AVR microcontroller project ideas.

  1. Controlling of Automatic Room light With Visitor Counter Based on ATmega16 Microcontroller
  2. AVR Microcontroller Based Data Logger Including Humidity, Temperature and LDR Sensor
  3. AVR Microcontroller Based Electron Voting Machine
  4. AVR Microcontroller Based Door Lock System Using Password
  5. AVR Microcontroller Based Password Detector and Person Counter
  6. AVR ATmega16 Microcontroller Based Solar Tracking System
  7. Light and Temperature Control and Monitoring Based on AVR Microcontroller
  8. AVR microcontroller Based Security System Using RFID Technology
  9. BASCOM AVR Microcontroller Compiler
  10. AVR Microcontroller Based Parallel Port ISP Programmer
  11. LED Blinking AVR Based on Microcontroller
  12. AVR Microcontroller Based DS1820 Temperature Indicator
  13. DS1820 Temperature Controller Based on AVR Microcontroller
  14. AVR Microcontroller Based 8×8 Dot-matrix Scrolling LED Display
  15. AVR Microcontroller Based Smart Home Using Bluetooth
  16. Multi-pattern Running Light Based on AVR Microcontroller
  17. Global Positioning System Locator Based on AVR Microcontroller
  18. Temperature Controlled Fan Based on AVR Microcontroller
  19. AVR Based Digital Melody Player
  20. Atmega16 Microcontroller Based Stepper Motor Control
  21. Simple Calculator Based on AVR Microcontroller
  22. Interfacing of LM35 with Atmega16 Microcontroller
  23. AVR Microcontroller Based Measuring of Negative Temperature Using LM35
  24. AVR Microcontroller Based Speed Controlling of DC Motor Using Pulse Width Modulation
  25. AVR Microcontroller Based Voice Recorder Using ISD4004
  26. AVR Microcontroller Based Thermometer with Clock
  27. AVR Microcontroller Based Connecting of Two Microcontrollers via Serial Port
  28. Scientific Calculator Based on AVR Microcontroller
  29. AVR Microcontroller Based Traffic Light Controller
  30. Code Vision AVR C Compiler
  31. Interfacing PS2 Keyboard Based on AVR Microcontroller
  32. AVR Microcontroller Timer Based Fast Pulse Width Modulation
  33. AVR Microcontroller Based Clock Using DS1307
  34. Atmega8 Microcontroller Based Inductance and Capacitance Meter
  35. Atmega16 Microcontroller Based Writing and Reading of SD Card
  36. AVR Microcontroller Timers Based Generation of Waveform
  37. Interfacing GPS with ATmega8 Microcontroller
  38. AVR Microcontroller Based Device Controller Using SMS
  39. Home Security System Based on GSM Using AVR Microcontroller
  40. AVR Microcontroller Timer Based Phase Correct Pulse Width Modulation Mode
  41. AVR Microcontroller Based Inbuilt Analog Comparator
  42. Device Controller-Based SMS Sending and Receiving Using AVR Microcontroller
  43. Internal EEPROM Based Electron Voting Machine of AVR Microcontroller
  44. AVR Microcontroller Based Interfacing of LCD in 4 bit mode
  45. Writing of Simple Boot loader in C Language for AVR Microcontroller
  46. Interfacing of Serial ADC0831 with AVR Microcontroller
  47. Using of Two Wire Interfacing or I2C in AVR Microcontroller
  48. Interfacing of Servo Motor with AVR Microcontroller
  49. AVR Microcontroller Based Different Frame Size with USART Serial Communication
  50. AVR Microcontroller Based Serial Peripheral Interface
  51. AVR Microcontroller Based Internal ADC Using Interrupts
  52. Interfacing of PC with AVR Microcontroller Using RS232 Protocol
  53. ATmega16 microcontroller Based Display Text on 16×2 LCD Display
  54. ATmega16 Microcontroller Based Display Custom Characters on LCD Display
  55. AVR Microcontroller Based inbuilt Analog Comparator

The above-mentioned list of AVR microcontroller projects is for electronics and communications engineering students. Please note that these AVR microcontroller projects are meant for students, enthusiasts, and hobbyists. If you have any doubts regarding these project ideas, feel free to comment, and ask us. Furthermore, please go through the presented comments to get a better idea of the ECE project topics. For some more detailed & live electronics and communication projects‘ information, please go through our official website of Edgefx Kits & solutions.

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