Choose Your Own Engineering Projects at Edgefx Kits and Solutions

Project implementation is a crucial task in students’ life while pursuing studies. Recruiters always ask students about the projects developed during their engineering studies. Engineering projects help the students to apply their knowledge from their studies in a practical manner.

Engineering Projects at Edgefx Kits and Solutions
Engineering Projects at Edgefx Kits and Solutions

Several electronics-based projects use various hardware components and devices that are assembled in such a way that they interact with the real-world systems or processes and provide solutions like control and monitoring of the home appliances, manufacturing process and are also helpful in society oriented applications.

Lending hand from Edgefx

The motto of Edgefx Technologies is this: “We don’t just sell project kits, we give you project solutions.”

With this motto, Edgefx technologies private limited has been offering its best products, services, and solutions in the form of live projects for third and final year engineering students. The clientele of Edgefx technologies span across 20 countries and it is growing further. Thus, Edgefx Technologies has achieved tremendous growth by diligently offering more than 3oo engineering projects in 10 different categories.

The main aim of all the projects is to help enhance the practical knowledge of ECE and EEE students by offering practical learning platforms that help them learn the subject concepts, practical aspects, and applications in a conceptual and precise manner while they do their projects. These projects include embedded system projects, electronic projects, electrical projects, robotics projects, DTMF projects, GSM-based projects, RF-based projects, RFID based projects, Solar energy projects, Sensor-based projects, and so on. The project package along with the project kits also provides Audio/Video visuals and training materials for comprehensive, conceptual, and practical understanding of the project.

Four General Kit Contents from Edgefx

Hardware Contents: The hardware contents include a fully assembled and tested PCB, a plain PCB, a zero board, and a set of solder-able components along with a set of detachable components, tool kit, and consumables.


Hardcopy Contents: The hardcopy contents include assembly procedure, bill material, circuit diagram, circuit voltage parameters for testing, and one components’ layout diagram.

Softcopy Contents: The softcopy contents include abstract, block diagram, circuit diagram with explanation, source code, component datasheet, project documentation, and seminar PowerPoint presentation.

Audio-visual Contents: The audio-visual contents include practical electronics, component testing, and functioning, soldering techniques, project output, AV on general handling, and assembly of the kit.

Three Types of Kits to Choose from

Edgefx offers 100 percent guaranteed output for a wide variety of electronic circuits through three types of quality-oriented kits for each project. The three kits are as follows:

1. Do It Yourself kit
2. Project kit
3. Readymade kit

1. Do It Yourself Kit (DIY)

Considering the limited time and resources available especially for the electronic and electrical engineering students, the DIY kit provides a unique way of implementing the project. It is a very popular type of project kit that offers the best way to develop engineering projects. The main aim of introducing a DIY kit is to make students involve completely in their projects and to provide a complete step-by-step guide to the students while involving them in the development of the hardware and software design of the project.

Do It Yourself Kit
Do It Yourself Kit

The beauty of  the DIY kits lies in the fact that the manner in which the project is presented is really amazing. The kit comprises a zero board, a bare PCB, an assembled & tested PCB, two sets of components including assembled components, a tool kit, audiovisuals, code & documentation, and other accessories, as shown in the above figure.

  • Zero board doesn’t contain any wiring at all, and it allows students to design the board for each component wiring. If students have wiring knowledge, zero board provides more involvement of work than a fully designed PCB. Edgefx doesn’t make any student violate their college rules to do projects on zero board alone, that’s why it provides assembled board as well.
  • Bare PCB: It is specially designed for those who do not have a good skill in wiring a circuit on bare board. Bare PCB offers an easy way of soldering each & every component to PCB. The PCB component mounting design offered by Edgefx is unique and flexible in providing the understanding of wiring connections. Another set of components of this kit is used on this PCB to implement the project.
Bare PCB
Bare PCB
  • Assembled and tested PCB: It acts as a reference board for the students as it makes connections on zero or PCB boards that are used if difficulties arise while managing the above electronic circuit of the project. Students can also check voltage readings across the components, output readings or output status (light indication and motor rotation), etc.
Assembled PCB
Assembled PCB
  • Tool kit:  It contains a multi-meter with probes, a soldering iron, and a component cutter along with other accessories. Edgefx always offers good quality tools and components that are time tested for better performance, including ease of soldering and connections while dealing with PCB and Zero boards.
Tool Kit
Tool Kit
  • Material Guidance: It is the basic part of the DIY kits. When compared to traditional DIY kits offered in the market, Edgefx kits are way ahead of them all in terms of the support package that comes along with the kits.

Audiovisual DVD contains complete video tutorials of every component used, along with the concise and precise procedures for good soldering, output checking, and so on. The lectures contained in the DVDs are made by experienced professionals with more than 30 years of industrial experience. Such exceptional information will help ease the project implementation.

In addition to this, the CDs contain 90 percent of the project documentation material, PPTs, datasheets, and so on. However, the remaining portions of the project like the conclusion, future scope need to be prepared by the students on their own.

The Hardcopy of the project included will act as a quick reference for the student and reduces the need to search for soft copy references. It also provides a list of the bill of materials.

2. Readymade Kit

Readymade Kit is a plug and plays kit containing ready to use fully working project which is duly tested by a technical team. It comes along with the readymade hardware and other materials like a hard copy, soft copy, and audiovisuals for basic electronics, project components, and output.

Readymade kit
Readymade kit

It doesn’t contain all the components like that of DIY kits, such as one additional fully assembled and tested PCB, a plain PCB, a zero board, and solderable components, along with detachable components, and tool kit.

The cost of this kit is somewhat less than the DIY kit, and a bit higher than the project kit. This kit is helpful for those who already possess hands-on experience of doing projects and don’t want to learn about wiring and soldering. This kit provides a simple way to learn about the operation and working, and it is preferable for those who want the project urgently for immediate submission purposes.

3. Project Kit

The Project Kit consists of plain PCB along with all the solderable and detachable components of the project including hard copy, soft copy, and audiovisuals. It doesn’t contain all components like that of DIY kits, such as one additional fully assembled and tested PCB, a tool kit and a readymade project. Except for these things, DIY and project kits possess similar things. Therefore, Project Kit is very useful for those who have enough confidence and experience of doing soldering and wiring concepts.

This kit is very economical when compared to the other two types of kits. For further help and support regarding wiring, soldering or any other project explanation, one can get more information on DVD, CD and other materials.

Support and Solutions

Edgefx Technologies offers exemplary support through online media by providing excellent customer support through phones, Skype, online chat, e-mail, and other social media networks. It offers ease of purchasing the kits through online shopping. It has a large number of dealers all over India and abroad. Edgefx also deals directly with some international customers.

In recent times, the company has added weight to the projects through the Elprocus blog which consists of a wide variety of articles, project ideas, free electronic circuits, etc. in different streams. This blog gives basic information on various electronic and electrical components.

This is all about Edgefx kits and solutions. If you are eager and desperate to get your own project done or want to develop your own new project, then Edgefx Technologies is always there to help you. And then select the project of your choice.  In the meantime, don’t forget to mention your choice of the project category in the comment section below, and of course, the feedback as well.

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