Final Year EEE Projects for Engineering Students

The acronym of EEE is electrical and electronics engineering. In the present day,  most of the students showing a lot of interest to join in EEE branch to complete their project in III years and the IV year. Many of the students try to do innovative projects which are helpful in real-time. For their purpose, here we have listed the best EEE projects from different categories like electrical, robotics, embedded, GSM, RFID, RF, etc. These project ideas are very useful for electrical engineering students to complete their B. Tech degree successfully. In this post, we are listing out some good Final Year EEE Projects ideas as many people are searching for this kind of post on the internet for many days.

So, here we have included various projects in different categories like embedded, electrical, robotics, communication, solar, sensor, etc. I hope these eee projects for final year students would be more helpful for many engineering students in completing their B.Tech successfully.

IoT Projects for EEE Students

The list of IoT based EEE projects is discussed below.

Final year EEE Projects
Final year EEE Projects

IoT based Irrigation System

This project is used to design an irrigation system using IoT. At present, the Internet of Things is a very famous technology because it is changing all the electronic devices in the upcoming years. This electrical project is used to monitor the soil moisture content so that the water pump can be controlled. Once the moisture content is above a threshold voltage, then the water pump will be turned OFF.

Similarly, when the moisture content of the soil is below a threshold value then the pump will be turned ON. So the moisture level update will be sent through an e-mail to the user because the device used in this project like Arduino is preprogrammed. Please refer to this link to know more IoT & Arduino based Irrigation System

IoT based Monitoring System for Weather

This is one of the applications of an IoT, so designing EEE projects based on this technology will help the students in understanding better. The proposed system is used to design a monitoring system used for the weather. This project is designed with a DHT sensor, WiFi module, and Arduino Uno. By using this project, it can detect the humidity/temperature in the weather and immediately sends an SMS to the operator from a remote area.

Tracker System for Solar using Dual Axis

This proposed system uses three elements like mechanical, electronics, and electrical in their design. In this system, the mechanical element involves in designing a gear system with smoothly to move accordingly, the electronics element is used to design the sensor system to generate signals to gear system to perform accordingly and the electrical part uses a solar panel & a battery. This project implements a solar tracker with a dual-axis by using spur gear and this project can be designed with an AT89C51 microcontroller.

Servos Controlled through Motion with IoT

In this project, IoT based data streaming in real-time can be demonstrated. A raspberry pi is used for controlling the motion of servos through data streaming in live using the internet. In this project, motion tracking can be done using a leap motion controller whereas the data streaming can be done using the PubNub library. The motion of the hands can be detected using 4 servos & 8X8 matrices with RGB LEDs. At last, the colors can be displayed based on the gaps between fingers.

Reduction of Electricity Theft through IoT

Nowadays, energy theft is a major problem because it is expensive with fewer resources. The main objective of this project is to identify electricity stealing, and also checks the usage of energy & informs the customer. In this system, an IoT network can be developed through WiFi connectivity based Raspberry Pi. If any differences will occur while utilizing electricity, then the information can be transmitted through the internet to the remote server.

Smart Transportation Systems using IoT

This project is used to develop a smart transport system using IoT and WSN. This project applies to car parking, parking meter, road sensors, parking sensors, etc. All these can be communicated through the internet to resolve in searching vehicle parking spots & issuing tickets. Further, this project can be extended to monitor the traffic.

Power System Based Projects for EEE

In electrical engineering, the power system is a sub-topic that deals with the transmission, generation, electric power usage, distribution, etc. Please refer to this link to know more about the list of power system projects or power electronics projects.

Diploma Projects for EEE

The list of diploma projects for EEE students includes the following.

Controlling of Power Grid using PC SCADA

The proposed system is used to control the power grid with the help of PC SCADA. By using this project, the appliances which are associated with the power grid can be controlled through a PC. It includes a microcontroller, RF Tx and RF Rx.

Indication of Brake Failure

This project is used to give an alert once the vehicle brake fails. Once the brake is applied then Green LED will start blinking then the piezo buzzer will start ringing if it is in a good state. Similarly, if the brake has any fault then RED LED will start blinking but the buzzer does not generate any sound.

Efficient & Intelligent Light Control System Design

This project is used to design an intelligent light control system using an LDR sensor & a PIR sensor. This project includes two factors like the first one is light intensity in the room whereas the second one is the existence of any person within the room. In this project, the LDR sensor is used to measure the light intensity in the room whereas the PIR sensor is used to measure the existence of a person in the room. Based on this, the lights in the room can be turned ON/OFF.

Controlling of AC Power with IGBT/MOSFET

Electrical appliances rating can be given based on the utilization of power. This proposed system is used to control the AC power which is given to various devices using IGBT or MOSFET.

Data Transmission PLCC System

This project uses a PLCC system which is known as power line carrier communication to transmit the data. It is an ideal choice instead of using wireless otherwise other networking technologies used in home because of the simple installation, accessibility of AC outlets, low cost, security, reliability, etc.

1- Phase to 3-Phase Supply Conversion

This project is used to convert single phase to three-phase supply with the help of Thyristors

Transformer Overload Protection

This project is used to protect the transformer from overload by detaching the load using a relay when an overload condition occurs. This overload can damage the transformer so it is mandatory to guard the transformer against an overload situation.

Harvesting of Power for Sensor Networks

This project is used to develop a system for harvesting power for sensor networks. This project discusses how to use power harvesting methods for monitoring distribution networks of water with the help of sensor networks.

Indication of Power Failure

This simple electrical project is used to design a system to detect the failure of power within the house, industries & notify to electricity board through wirelessly. This system includes a microcontroller unit (PIC 16F73), a power sensor; display, and multi-channel RF TX & RX.

The microcontroller is connected in the houses or industries using a power sensor through a power line. Here, microcontroller plays a key role in detecting electricity status. Once power failure occurs, then the sensor transmits the signal to the microcontroller so that it can analyze the signal and transmits it to the RF transmitter.

An RF transmitter is arranged in the electricity board to get the signal form industries or houses & transmits the equivalent signal toward the microcontroller then it sends the equivalent signal toward the LCD. This LCD will display the power status in the houses or industries.

Cordless Power Controller (CPC)

The essential remote controller like CPC is implemented through a cordless telephone. This controller is a separate device according to the conservative DOT standards. By connecting the cordless power controller toward the telephone line will make to control different loads in homes like fans, lights through the cordless phone.

The main feature of this controller is, it can control two kinds of devices like ON/OFF control as well as ON/OFF by intensity or speed control. This controller is developed like an 8051 microcontroller-based device so that it controls the devices based on the entered codes using the keypad of the telephone. The change in speed or intensity can be obtained through changing the gate pulses phase which is given to TRIAC for activating it.

Debugger System for Energy Meter

This project is used to design a system to check the energy meter & read the position of the meter. It evaluates the values of old & new data values then it displays on LCD. Here RS232 communication is used to transmit the data to PC.

This system includes an integrator, reader & PC with the mobile module. Here, the reader sends the data to the integrator IC after that to RS232. So finally, this RS232 communication will send to the PC. The essential modules used in this system are embedded reader, PC including mobile unit and GUI.

The list of embedded projects for EEE students includes the following.

Electromagnetic Braking System using Solar

The main concept of this project is to design a system like electromagnetic braking using solar. This system uses an object sensor used in automobiles. The applications of this system mainly include two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and vehicles. In real-time, this project is used to avoid any accidents.

GSM based Battery Management for UPS

This project is used to provide backup power for corporate companies when the power supply is not working so that the services of the company cannot be stopped. This project uses two transformers. One transformer is used as the main supply for corporate companies whereas the secondary transformer is used for UPS.

Mobile Charger using Solar Energy

This project is used to supply a cell phone using solar energy. This project works as an instant charger. This mobile charger is used at bus stands, petrol bunks, theatres, etc.

PWM based DC Motor Speed Control

This project is used to control the DC motor operation using the PWM technique & PIC16F73 microcontroller. This project can be designed with a microcontroller and a keypad where the keypad includes different keys for controlling the speed of a motor. The DC motor includes two terminals like positive as well as negative.

Once the voltage is given to this motor, then it runs in a specific direction & if the polarities of terminals are reversed, then the DC motor runs in the reverse direction. This motor can be controlled through a PWM technique.

Speed Controlling of AC Motor using a Cell phone

This project is mainly developed for controlling the speed of an AC motor with the help of a cell phone like start, stop, and controlling the speed. The control of this motor can be done from any distance to overcome the infrared range. The entire project can be controlled through the preprogrammed microcontroller. The program written in this microcontroller can be done in assembly language.

Mini Inverter using Microcontroller

Inverter plays a key role in electricity absence because it works like a power supply. The essential components used in this inverter are the driver, oscillator, switch & Step Up sections. Here, the oscillator generates oscillating signals which are controlled through the PIC16F73 microcontroller. These oscillating signals can be obtained through the driver to drive the transistors, and then these transistors will drive another two power transistors.

The list of  EEE projects based on Solar energy includes the following.

Monitoring System for Water Quality using Solar

This project is used to monitor the water quality with the help of solar-based underwater using WSN technology. There are different parameters need to check such as pH, turbidity, oxygen at each node of a WSN and then it is sent to the base station

Wireless Power Transfer using Solar

The proposed system like solar based wireless power transfer is used to transfer the power wirelessly with the help of solar power. Solar power is one kind of resource for renewable energy where the solar panels change the energy from light to electrical and this converted energy can be stored within the batteries. So finally, this energy can be transmitted in the electromagnetic waveform to the receiver.

Robot Powered through Solar for Controlling Flashlight

The proposed system is used to design a robot using solar power. This project uses an Arduino board for controlling the robot depending on the flashlight. This light can be detected through the Arduino controller.

Dual Management System of Solar Panel

The proposed system is used to implement a management system for the solar panel using an IoT. WE know that the accumulation of dust on the panels will decrease the panel efficiency. Day by day, solar panel thefts are increasing. These two features were measured within the project.

Water Heating System using Solar & PIC Microcontroller

The proposed system is used to implement the exploitation system using solar energy. This system is used for a water heating system using solar energy and PIC microcontroller.

Nano Solar Cell-based Cost & Design Analysis

This project shows how to design a PV system with the help of a nano solar cell because; the electricity generation from light is extremely costly. So this project provides the PV system cost analysis with the help of nanotechnology.

The list of EEE projects without a microcontroller is discussed below.

Controlling of Four Quadrant DC Motor without Microcontroller

This project implements a DC motor with four quadrants using the H Bridge driver and 555 timers IC. This IC generates the required PWM pulses for regulating the speed when relays are utilized for altering the polarities & also to apply the brakes toward the motor.

Uni-Polar Stepper Motor Speed Controlling

The electromechanical device like a stepper motor is used to change input models into accurate revolving motion. The rotating angle, as well as the direction of every change, can be determined through the structure of the motor & the step model input.

These motors are DC type motors that travel in separate steps. These motors include several coils that are arranged in groups known as phases. By strengthening every phase within a series, this motor will turn a single step at a time.

Direction Control of DC Motor through Wireless

The Proposed system is used to control the direction of the DC motor through wireless. This is a simple and efficient method for controlling the DC motor with the help of RF. This project uses different RF modules like transmitter (Tx), Receiver (Rx), encoder, and decoder.

At the transmitter side, four switches are used for controlling the direction & speed of the motor. Here, this motor is connected to the receiver so that the motor can revolve in the direction of Clockwise or Counterclockwise.

Alarm for Over Temperature through Fan ON

This project designs an alarm circuit to monitor the over temperature. Once the temperature increases the fixed temperature, then it generates an alert to prompt the attention of the user. This project uses an LM35 like a sensor to detect precise centigrade temperature.

The temperature range of IC LM35 ranges from -55° to +150°C. It draws 60 µA of power from its supply & it has less self-heating under 0.1°C. The operating voltage of this IC ranges from 4 volts to 30 volts.

NE555 Timer-based Inverter & Signal Generator

Square wave signal generator is frequently used through variable frequency, approximately equivalent to high, low output pulses & variable amplitudes. Here, this simple and useful signal generator is designed with less cost using exterior switches. The frequency ranges can be selected or controlled according to the requirements.

Designing of HVDC Power Supply

There are different circuits which use HVDC supply like Nixie tubes, sensors, insect zappers, etc. Here, HVDC stands for high-voltage direct-current. At present, there are different kinds of HVDC based supplies like quadruple, voltage doubler, flyback & boost converter. The output current capacity of these supplies is less. However, by using exact calculations with fundamental formulae of boost conversion, we may get HVDC supplies that have the capacity of clean & high current.

Smart CRO Probe Activated through Vibration

This project is used to implement a smart CRO probe that can be used to where CRO is used like service centers, electronic laboratories, workshops, etc. Usually, a CRO is used in a repair station for an extremely small time.

However, in most of the cases, the operator will not succeed to deactivate the CRO right away once it is used. Mostly, the service engineer focuses on errors instead of noticing whether the cathode ray oscilloscope is turned ON/OFF. A vibration sensor turns the CRO off when the probe is idle for a specified amount of time.

List of EEE Project Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

The list of eee project ideas for final year electrical engineering students include the following.

  1. Propeller display of Time / Message
  2. Vehicle tracking By GPS – GSM
  3. Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights
  4. Designing of DC Motor Speed Control Unit
  5. Auto Power Supply Control System from 4 Different Sources (Solar, Mains, Generator & Inverter) to Ensure No Break Power
  6. Thyristor Power Control y IR Remote
  7. Thyristor Controlled Power for Induction Motor
  8. ZVS Based Lamp Life Extender
  9. ZVS Three Phase Solid State Relay
  10. Industrial Power Control by Integral Cycle Switching without Generating Harmonics
  11. Thyristor Firing Angle Controller-Based Industrial Battery Charger
  12. Ultra-Fast Acting Electronic Circuit Breaker
  13. Design of Sensing Soil Moisture Content By Auto Irrigation System
  14. Automatic Star Delta Starter for Induction Motor Using Relays and Adjustable Electronic Timer
  15. Remote Control Device Induction Motor With Bidirectional Rotation
  16. Precise Digital Temperature Control
  17. PC Based Electrical Load Control
  18. Line Following Robotic Vehicle
  19. TV Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control
  20. Password-Based Circuit Breaker
  21. Programmable Load Shedding Time Management for Utility Department
  22. Ultrasonic Object Detection
  23. Automatic Street Light which Works Based on the Vehicle Movement
  24. Wireless Information Conversion of Tempered Energy Meter to Concerned Authority
  25. Thyristors used Cyclo Converter
  26. Programmable Electrical Load Survey Power Meter
  27. Minimizing Penalty in Industrial Power Consumption by Engaging APFC Unit
  28. Detecting Power Grid Synchronization Failure on Sensing Frequency or Voltage Beyond Acceptable Range
  29. Auto Intensity Controlled Solar LED Street Light
  30. Remote Industrial Plant System Using SCADA
  31. Movement Sensed Automatic Door Opening System
  32. DTMF Based Load Control System
  33. Synchronized Traffic Signals
  34. Soft Catching Pick N Place Gripper
  35. Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle
  36. Night Vision Wireless War Field Spying Robot
  37. Closed-Loop Control for a Brushless DC Motor to Run at the Exactly Entered Speed
  38. GSM protocol Integrated Energy Management System
  39. Induction Motor Protection System
  40. Garage Door Opening System Controlled By DTMF Cell Phone
  41. Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator
  42. Three Phase Fault Analysis with the Autostart of a Single Phase Induction Motor on Temporary Fault and Permanent Trip
  43. High Voltage DC Up to 2kv from AC by Using Diode and Capacitors in Voltage Multiplier Circuit
  44. Non-Contact Tachometer
  45. RFID based attendance system
  46. Line Following Robotic Vehicle Using Microcontroller
  47. Automatic Phase sequence Selector System
  48. Wireless Power Transfer
  49. Testing of Electrical Loads Life Cycle By Down Counter
  50. Energy Meter Reading with Load Control Using GSM
  51. Speed Control with RPM Display for BLDC Motor
  52. Predefined Speed Control of BLDC Motor
  53. Dish Positioning Control by IR Remote
  54. Hidden Active Cell Phone Detector
  55. Audio Modulation Long Range FM Transmitter
  56. Railway Track Security System
  57. Sun Tracking Solar Panel
  58. Remote Jamming Device
  59. IR Obstacle Detection to Actuate Load
  60. 555 Timer Based Automatic Dusk to Dawn
  61. Rhythm Following Flashing Lights
  62. Mains Operated LED Light
  63. Thermistor Based Temperature Control
  64. 555 Timer Based Step Up 6 Volt DC to 10 Volt DC
  65. Tripping Mechanism of Over Voltage or Under Voltage Systems
  66. Incoming Phone Ring Light Flasher
  67. Solar Power Charge Controller
  68. Wire Loop Breaking Alarm Signal
  69. Load Controlled Video Activated Relay
  70. Touch Controlled Load Switch
  71. Time Delay Based Relay Operated Load
  72. Precise Illumination Control of Lamp
  73. Fastest Finger Press Quiz Buzzer
  74. Sine Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM)
  75. Home Automation System Using Digital Control
  76. Intelligent Overhead Tank Water Level Indicator
  77. PIC Controller-Based Speed Synchronization of Multiple Motors in Industries
  78. Pre Stampede Monitoring and Alarm System
  79. Touch Screen Based Industrial Load Switching
  80. Marx Generator Principles-Based High Voltage DC
  81. Touch Screen Based Home Automation System
  82. DC Motor Control With Four Quadrant
  83. Detect Rash Driving Speed Checker System on Highways
  84. FACTs by SVC (flexible ac transmission)
  85. FACTs (flexible ac transmission) by TSR
  86. UPFC Unified Power Factor Control
  87. RF Based Home Automation System
  88. Obstacle Avoidance Robotic Vehicle
  89. Solar Powered Auto Irrigation System
  90. Industries and  Commercial Establishments With Power Saver system
  91. Microcontroller (AT80C51) Based Auto Metro Train to Shuttle Between Stations
  92. 3-phase Supply Phase Sequence Checker
  93. Designing of Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle for Stores Management With Touch Screen
  94. Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle
  95. Electronic Soft Start for 3 Phase Induction Motor
  96. RFID Based Passport Details
  97. Beacon Flasher Using Microcontroller
  98. Discotheque Light Stroboscopic Flasher
  99. IR Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  100. Automatic Bell System for Institutions
  101. Cell Phone Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  102. PIC Microcontroller Based Device Control and Authentication By Using RFID
  103. An Auto Street Light with Detecting Vehicle Movement
  104. PIC Based Density Based Traffic Signal System
  105. Solar Energy Measurement System

These are of some EEE engineering projects over a wide range of categories. Since some students are interested to do eee engineering projects which depend on electronics platform. Therefore those students can get from below electronics project ideas for final year students list.

Following is the list of some more final year EEE projects to get more idea in choosing good projects on electronics:

Electronics Project Ideas for Final Year Students
Electronics Project Ideas for Final Year Students
  • Digital Device Controlling System Using Touch Screen
  • Air Compressor Pump for Car Bike Tire Inflate Using Solar Technology
  • Based Next Generation Apartments Designing a Touch screen Controlled Lamp Dimmer
  • Energy (KWH) Meter With Voice Application
  • Mifare Card-Based Auto-Credit Energy Metering System
  • Wireless RF Technology-Based SCADA Implementation
  • Wireless Temperature Data Logger Using Smartcard Technology
  • Wireless Data Acquisition System For Energy Tapping Identifier
  • Oven Temperature Monitoring and Controlling System for Metal Industries Using Timer
  • Temperature Monitoring System of Conductors and Fittings Based on GSM SMS and Zigbee Using On-Line Process
  • Data Logger for Energy Meter with Time and KWH Readings Based on MMC/SD Card
  • GPS Based UPS Battery Monitoring System for High Availability Systems
  • DC Motor Speed Controller Using Closed Loop Based on PWM
  • Oil Temperature Monitoring with Automatic Circuit Breaker Operation for multiple Transformers with SMS based Alerts
  • RF Used Energy Meter Reading on Hand-help Device System
  • Remote Monitoring and Control of Digital Energy Meter By Using GSM Phone
  • Mobile Phone-Based AC Lamp Dimmer Controller
  • Voice-Based High Voltage Fuse Blown Indicator System
  • Wireless Industrial/Power Grid Data Acquisition System
  • Power Quality Measuring and Development of Monitor Device Methods
  • Automatic Tariff Calculation and Energy Meter Monitoring System using Wireless Technology
  • Prepaid Electricity System By Smart Card
  • GSM Mobile/Modem Using DC Motor Speed and Direction Control
  • Switching for Visually Impaired Voice-Enabled Devices
  • Synchronization of  DC Motor Speed for Rolling Mills
  • Motor Speed and Direction Controlling System Using Microcontroller and Touch screen
  • Central Control Unit for Irrigation Water Pumps Construction
  • Electrical Control Device System Using Graphical LCD and Touch Screen
  • ZigBee-based Integrated Remote Controller with Home Network Configuring Scheme for All Electric Appliances
  • Resistive Touch Screen Controlled Contactless Speed Monitoring and Controlling of DC Motor with Speed Limit Alerts.
  • Average, Max and Min Load Display System with Graphical LCD For Energy Meter with Daily Update
  • Active and Standby Lithium-ion Battery Charger for Continuous Non-Interrupted Power Supply to Critical Loads
  • Temperature Monitoring and Control System with Advanced Features and Graphical LCD Using Touch Screen
  • Energy Saving System for Corporate Computers and Lighting System By Using PIR Sensor
  • Temperature Monitoring and Controlling System with Zero-crossing Detector For Electrical Oven Using Triac and Optically Isolated DIAC
  • Power Theft Monitoring and Indication System at Local Substations Using Wireless Technology
  •  GSM Mobile Based Motor Speed Monitoring System
  • Irrigation Water Pump Controller for Illiterates Using GSM
  • Device Monitoring and Control Using GSM
  • Automatic Intelligent Streetlight Controlling System Based on High Power LED
  • Brightness Control Presence Sensor for Vehicle
  • Single Phasing Preventer Using Microcontroller
  • Implementation of GSM Based SCADA using Microcontroller
  • Automatic Power Cutoff System Using Timer for Industrial Sealing/packaging Machines
  • Monitoring and Control of Substation Using Microcontroller
  • Logger Data Logger For Electrical (Voltage, Current, frequency and etc)
  • Automatic Water Plant System
  • Remote Device Switching Using RC5 IR
  • DC Motor Speed Monitoring and Control System Using Frequency Locked Loop (FLL)
  • Solar Tracker with Stepper Motor Using Microcontroller
  • Speed and Direction Control of DC Motor Using RF/IR/Zigbee
  • Contactless Motor Speed Monitoring on Graphical Display with High and Low-Speed Alerts
  • SCADA for Longer Distance Powered Devices By RS485
  • Variable Frequency Drive Without Transformer
  • Wireless Industrial Device Control System Using RF
  • Design of DC-to-DC Converter
  • Refrigeration Control System Using Microcontroller
  • Design of AC-AC Converter
  • High-Speed Protection Based Programmable Current Relay
  • Automatic Water Controller System Using GSM Modem
  • Pre-paid Liquid/milk Dispensing System With Enabled Password
  • Stepper Motor Speed and Direction Controller By IR Remote
  • Single Phase Earth Fault Relay Power System Design And Construction
  • IR Light Followed Robot
  • Design of Digital Voltage, Current and Frequency Meter
  • Oil Temperature Monitoring with Automatic Circuit Breaker Operation For Transformers
  • Device Monitoring and Control System By Using GSM/Cell Phone
  • Fuse Blown Indicator For Substations
  • Street Light Monitoring and Control System with Cell Phone
  • Dam Water Gates Controlling System with High-level Protection Using DTMF Controller
  • Line of Site Remote and Hazardous Chemical Valve Control System Using Stepper Motor
  • Energy Meter Monitoring System Using RF Transceiver (Zigbee/X-Bee)
  • Intelligent Fire Extinguisher Vehicle With Voice Operating
  • Design of Transmission Line Conductor De-icing Process By An On-line Monitoring System

Latest EEE Projects Ideas for Engineering Students

Electrical engineering projects can be built using various electrical and electronic components, students. Here, we are providing final year projects for EEE, which are suitable for electrical students.

Arduino based DC Motor Speed Control

The main aim of this project is to control the speed of a DC motor using an Arduino board. The speed of the motor is directly proportional to the voltage applied across its terminals. When the voltage across the motor terminal is varied, then the speed can also be varied. This project uses two input buttons that are interfaced with the Arduino board to control the speed of the DC motor.

According to the program dumped in the microcontroller, PWM is generated at the o/p. Depending on the duty cycle, the average voltage or current flowing through the motor will change, so the speed of the motor will change. A motor-driver IC is interfaced to the Arduino board for receiving pulse width modulation signals and providing desired o/p for speed control of a small DC motor.

Soil Moisture Content-based Automatic Irrigation System

The main concept of this project is to design an automatic irrigation system on the sensing soil moisture content, which switches the pump ON/OFF using relays by sensing the soil moisture content. The proposed system senses the soil moisture content by using a moisture sensor.

Automatic Irrigation System based on Soil Moisture Content
Automatic Irrigation System based on Soil Moisture Content

When the soil moisture content is dry, then it drives a relay for operating the water pump. The sensor gives the status of the soil to the microcontroller, based on the status the microcontroller displays the status of the soil on the LCD.

Solar Inverter for Home, Garden and Street Lights

The main objective of this project is to design a solar inverter for homes, gardens, and street lights. This project uses a battery to store solar energy during the daytime to utilize whenever required. In this project, overcharge, under a voltage of the battery and deep discharge can be controlled by controlling the charging mechanism.

Solar Inverter based EEE Project
Solar Inverter based EEE Project

A solar inverter converts direct current to alternating current that can be used by a local, off-line electrical n/w. A set of op-amps are used to monitor solar panel voltage, load current, etc. A set of green and red LEDs is used for indication of the battery charging (green light LED for fully charged battery and red light LED for overload, undercharged, and deep discharge conditions. Furthermore, this project can be developed by using a microcontroller and GSM modem to communicate the status of the system to a control room through an SMS.

Four Quadrant DC Motor Controls without Microcontroller

This four-quadrant DC motor control project gives an ultimate solution to many industries. In the industries, various processes are going on where the motors are used as per the requirement of the load. In which, a motor can rotate in clockwise, anticlockwise, forward, and reverse.

Four Quadrant DC Motor Controlling without Microcontroller - EEE Project
Four Quadrant DC Motor Controlling without Microcontroller – EEE Project

The speed control of the DC motor can be controlled with the help of a four-quadrant unit to control four modes of DC motor such as clockwise, anticlockwise, forward, and reverse.

Home Automation System Using Arduino

This Arduino based home automation system is used to control the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and lighting appliances. The proposed system uses an Arduino board with an attached Bluetooth module for remote control of home appliances.

Home Automation System through Arduino
Home Automation System through Arduino

At the transmitter section, a GUI application allows the user to send ON/OFF instructions to the receiver where the loads are connected. An Arduino board activates the loads via TRAIC cum Opto-isolator arrangements by receiving commands from the user’s cell phone.

Some more final year projects for EEE include the following.

  • Wireless power transfer by HF resonating coils
  • Wireless Power Transfer to Load in 3D Space
  • Over Voltage and Under Voltage Trip Switch Sensed by Mains Supply
  • Protection of Charge and Load in Solar Power Management
  • DC Motor Control using Four Quadrant operation with AC supply
  • High Voltage DC generation using a Marx Generator
  • Wireless AC Power Transmission by HF
  • Single Phase Motor Soft Start
  • Short Duration Load control using Touch Switch
  • Automatic Mains Disconnection DC Power Supply
  • Over Voltage or Under Voltage based Load Control
  • Mains based Automatic LED night Lamp
  • DC to DC Step-Up Converter-6 Volt DC to 10 Volt DC using 555 Timer
  • Time Delay Switch based Home Appliances Control
  • 3 Phase Sequence Checker with LED Indication
  • Power Saving Unconventional LED Lighting System Replacing Conventional Lamps
  • Over Voltage and Under Voltage Protection System
  • Wireless Power Transmission In 3d Space
  • Auto-Switching Power Supply
  • Automatic Emergency LED Light
  • Electronic Smooth Start for three Phase Induction Motor
  •  Induction Motor Protection System
  • AC to DC Step-up Converter-Up to 2KV From AC Supply by Using Voltage Multiplier Circuit
  • Phase Sequence Checker

The list of electrical projects for engineering students is listed above. We believe that you have got a better understanding of these project ideas. Furthermore, any queries regarding this article, or EEE mini-projects you can approach us by commenting in the comment section below. Here is a question for you, why AC systems are preferred over DC systems?

We hope the above final year EEE project ideas are more helpful in choosing a better project in engineering.

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