Electronic Fuel Injection Reference Design by Arrow & STMicroelectronics

Arrow Electronics and STMicroelectronics have launched an electronic fuel injection reference design for an ECU (electronic control unit) namely SPC5-L9177A-K02. This is used in single as well as twin-cylinder petrol engines which are injected by the fuel. Because of the standards of tight global pollution has increased for small engines

The SPC5-L9177A-K02 is an ECU reference design which is mainly designed for scooters, three-wheelers, and motorcycles. These are mostly used for those which have to satisfy some standards like Euro 5, China IV, and BSVI (Bharat Stage VI). STMicroelectronics also foresees use within nautical engines, agricultural equipment, and generators.


These are used to drive a relay, injectors, a tachometer, stepper motor and can interface through variable reluctance sensors. By using this, all channels can be protected against the conditions like over temperature as well as a short circuit. The connection of this can be done through an automotive 48 pole connector.

The key components of this mainly include ST’s SPC572L 32-bit Power Architecture microcontroller unit & its L9177A. The end is completed on a BCD method & comprises power supplies & actuator drivers designed for engines which include one or two cylinders. A 5V regulator (300mA) using thermal shut-down, two fuel injector drivers, a 5V regulator with short-to-battery protection, etc.

Both L9177A & SPC572L are particularly designed for market requirements. STMicroelectronics said that whose STGD18N40 IGBT & L9616 CAN interface IC also available on the board. And also available like timers, 56-output channels, 1.5 Mbyte RWW (read-while write), 16-input channels, flash, SRAM with 64kbyte general-purpose data, DSPI modules-2, an ADC & self testability.

The support approaches from SPC5Studio IDE which comprises the configuration of an SPC572L timer module, low-level drivers, & libraries used to sense engine crank position & connected actuators.


To conquer the difficult challenges which are allied with electronic fuel injection, fundamental application software was developed with eMoticom. That will help the users to begin & run a single-cylinder engine. This becomes visible to an only cylinder with the single injector, & includes water temperature, air temperature.