Latest EEE Projects Ideas for Engineering Students in 2019

The acronym of EEE is electrical and electronics engineering. In the present day,  most of the students showing a lot of interest to join in EEE branch to complete their project in III years and the IV year. Many of the students try to do innovative projects which are helpful in real-time. For their purpose, here we have listed the best EEE projects from different categories like electrical, robotics, embedded, GSM, RFID, RF, etc. These project ideas are very useful for electrical engineering students to complete their B. Tech degree successfully. So, you are always welcome to read and choose the project from the list below and give your valuable comments, opinions, and suggestions, or any new EEE projects in the contact us page.

Electrical Project Ideas
Electrical Project Ideas

Latest EEE Projects Ideas for Engineering Students in 2015

Electrical engineering projects can be built using various electrical and electronic components, students. Here, we are providing final year projects for EEE, which are suitable for electrical students.

Arduino based DC Motor Speed Control

The main aim of this project is to control the speed of a DC motor using an Arduino board. The speed of the motor is directly proportional to the voltage applied across its terminals. When the voltage across the motor terminal is varied, then the speed can also be varied. This project uses two input buttons that are interfaced with the Arduino board to control the speed of the DC motor. According to the program dumped in the microcontroller, PWM is generated at the o/p. Depending on the duty cycle, the average voltage or current flowing through the motor will change, so the speed of the motor will change. A motor-driver IC is interfaced to the Arduino board for receiving pulse width modulation signals and providing desired o/p for speed control of a small DC motor.

Arduino based DC Motor Speed Control Project Kit
Arduino based DC Motor Speed Control Project Kit

Soil Moisture Content-based Automatic Irrigation System

The main concept of this project is to design an automatic irrigation system on the sensing soil moisture content, which switches the pump ON/OFF using relays by sensing the soil moisture content. The proposed system senses the soil moisture content by using a moisture sensor. When the soil moisture content is dry, then it drives a relay for operating the water pump. The sensor gives the status of the soil to the microcontroller, based on the status the microcontroller displays the status of the soil on the LCD.

Automatic Irrigation System on Sensing Soil Moisture Content Project Kit
Automatic Irrigation System on Sensing Soil Moisture Content Project Kit

Solar Inverter for Home, Garden and Street Lights

The main objective of this project is to design a solar inverter for homes, gardens, and street lights. This project uses a battery to store solar energy during the daytime to utilize whenever required. In this project, overcharge, under a voltage of the battery and deep discharge can be controlled by controlling the charging mechanism. A solar inverter converts direct current to alternating current that can be used by a local, off-line electrical n/w. A set of op-amps are used to monitor solar panel voltage, load current, etc. A set of green and red LEDs is used for indication of the battery charging (green light LED for fully charged battery and red light LED for overload, undercharged, and deep discharge conditions. Furthermore, this project can be developed by using a microcontroller and GSM modem to communicate the status of the system to a control room through an SMS.

Solar Inverter Project Kit
Solar Inverter Project Kit

Four Quadrant DC Motor Controls without Microcontroller

This four-quadrant DC motor control project gives an ultimate solution to many industries. In the industries, various processes are going on where the motors are used as per the requirement of the load. In which, a motor can rotate in clockwise, anticlockwise, forward, and reverse The speed control of the DC motor can be controlled with the help of a four-quadrant unit to control four modes of DC motor such as clockwise, anticlockwise, forward and reverse.


Four Quadrant DC Motor Controls without Microcontroller Project kit
Four Quadrant DC Motor Controls without Microcontroller Project kit

Home Automation System Using Arduino

This Arduino based home automation system is used to control the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and lighting appliances. The proposed system uses an Arduino board with an attached Bluetooth module for remote control of home appliances. At the transmitter section, a GUI application allows the user to send ON/OFF instructions to the receiver where the loads are connected. An Arduino board activates the loads via TRAIC cum Opto-isolator arrangements by receiving commands from the user’s cell phone.

Home Automation System Using Arduino Project Kit
Home Automation System Using Arduino Project Kit

Some More Final Year Projects for EEE

  • Wireless power transfer by HF resonating coils
  • Wireless Power Transfer to Load in 3D Space
  • Over Voltage and Under Voltage Trip Switch Sensed by Mains Supply
  • Protection of Charge and Load in Solar Power Management
  • DC Motor Control using Four Quadrant operation with AC supply
  • High Voltage DC generation using a Marx Generator
  • Wireless AC Power Transmission by HF
  • Single Phase Motor Soft Start
  • Short Duration Load control using Touch Switch
  • Automatic Mains Disconnection DC Power Supply
  • Over Voltage or Under Voltage based Load Control
  • Mains based Automatic LED night Lamp
  • DC to DC Step-Up Converter-6 Volt DC to 10 Volt DC using 555 Timer
  • Time Delay Switch based Home Appliances Control
  • 3 Phase Sequence Checker with LED Indication
  • Power Saving Unconventional LED Lighting System Replacing Conventional Lamps
  • Over Voltage and Under Voltage Protection System
  • Wireless Power Transmission In 3d Space
  • Auto-Switching Power Supply
  • Automatic Emergency LED Light
  • Electronic Smooth Start for three Phase Induction Motor
  •  Induction Motor Protection System
  • AC to DC Step-up Converter-Up to 2KV From AC Supply by Using Voltage Multiplier Circuit
  • Phase Sequence Checker

The list of electrical projects for engineering students is listed above. We believe that you have got a better understanding of these project ideas. Furthermore, any queries regarding this article, or EEE mini-projects you can approach us by commenting in the comment section below. Here is a question for you, why AC systems are preferred over DC systems?


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