RX65N Cloud Kit Launched by Renesas Electronics

The RX65N cloud kit was launched by Renesas Electronics. The evaluation kit provides performance like cloud communication. This kit is designed with the RX65N microcontroller and connected to AWS (Amazon Web Services) with the help of Wi-Fi. This cloud kit gives an ultimate evaluation atmosphere for designers to support the IoT device expansion through customers.

This cloud kit can be built with sensors like optical, humidity or temperature, a Wi-Fi module, an accelerometer with 3-axis, two USB ports, one for serial communication & other for debugging. The dashboard of this kit mainly monitors the uploaded data which is from the sensor as well as other data from the RX65N cloud kit to Amazon Web Services. The modifications of the program can be done within the Renesas e2 Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment) by connecting this cloud kit to a personal computer.

The microcontroller used in cloud kit is the general-purpose microcontroller unit used in the upcoming generation with the help of HMI (Human Machine Interface) & safety features are perfect for IoT based Edge devices.

The fixed dual store functionality, as well as trusted safe internet protocol features, will permit you to find safe cloud communications & conducts firmware updates with simply and steadily.


RX65N Cloud Kit Features

The main features of the RX65N Cloud Kit mainly include the following.

  • Actual product development can be reduced.
  • The example program of the kit is based on Amazon FreeRTOS and there is an advantage of the huge ecosystem of accessible tools extended for the part of FreeRTOS.
  • The software library can be previously accessible in Amazon FreeRTOS so that one can program easily usually needed IoT features for your devices.
  • It provides a safe connection toward the Amazon Web Services cloud.
  • The blend of an Amazon FreeRTOS and the Renesas Cloud Kit is certified by Amazon FreeRTOS
  • This kit helps in the prototyping of the IoT device
  • The AWS communications model programs which are provided by the kit are editable with free of charge
  • To understand the performance of the sample programs, an application note is available.

This is all about RX65N Cloud Kit, which makes simpler and secure IoT endpoint tool connections to AWS (Amazon Web Services) and also for embedded developers to get a quick start while designing & to connect it to the AWS cloud.