Top 10 Electronics Projects Ideas for Engineering Students

The need for ongoing exploration and innovation is critical in today’s engineering world and it demands the highest level of creativity. Engineering projects are given to electrical and electronics stream students with the objective of enhancing and creating a road map in the minds of budding engineers whose knowledge of research is often limited. Our main focus is upon international developments and trends in the field of Engineering. With the help of engineering projects we try to explain the need for conceptual learning and implementation — rather than the mere study of theory to retain knowledge. The shared experiences and knowledge in the field of applications energize students through new & innovative thought, thereby provoking delivery of new innovation & revolutionary projects.

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Latest Electronics Projects

List of Top Electronic Projects Ideas in 2016

1. Digital Code Lock with LCD and Keypad using 8051 Microcontroller

In this project, digital lock bringing into play AT89C2051′ LCD is used to display & a keypad is used to input the values. The project code is written in “C” language. It is a simple project which helps in preventing hacking. The fundamental lock is of 5 digits & master lock is of 10 digits. It is not a simple task for any hacker to break through the security system. To input the security digits 4 by 3 keypad is used & the input values are displayed to the user on a 2 by 16 LCD screen. A pin is allocated as output to activate and deactivate the security lock.

2. Magnetic Levitation Circuit

This is an uncomplicated magnetic levitation diagram which hangs up objects at a predetermined distance underneath an electromagnet. The logic or science at the back of it is to basically supply a magnetic force which is equal & opposite to the force of gravity on the object. The two forces applied cancel each other and the object linger hanging in the air. Sensibly this is done by a circuit which decreases electromagnet force when an object comes too nearby, and raises it when the object is far out of the range.

3. Anti collision system for trains

These days a number of new systems are invented to evade the train collisions. This project is one such way to confine the train collisions. In this project, the microcontroller is united with the GPS modem, GSM modem or cellular phone. GPS modem will discover the current locations of the train through satellite. The keyboard & display screen are also used with the controller for the convenience of the user. GSM cell phone is employed to provide appropriate information via SMS to the drivers of the train as well as to the controlling booths. With the help of this project, the train drivers can obtain apt signal information and the collisions can be evaded. In this project microcontroller is attached with a display (LCD screen), Keyboard, Memory card and a GPS recipient. Particular train have GPS recipient with a microcontroller together with a GSM Mobile or Modem.

4. Intelligent load shedding using GSM

Integrating automatic system in each & every machine is very much required as it helps in saving lot of time spent on it. In production units where a control is maintained over the usage of power i.e. below the predetermined maximum demand, there it is a big hitch. If the predetermined maximum usage go beyond then the production units have to give a penalty to the electricity department. Therefore an automation method is necessary to work out the problem. The max demand is define as the product of the current and the voltage that has been used by the loads. The significance of the max demand fluctuates for diverse sub-stations depending upon the load. The collective maximum demand is the instant average value of max demand. In this project, microcontroller is connected with a GSM Modem & RTC. For the convenience of user LCD screen is also connected with the microcontroller. Hence, the critical and non-critical loads are coupled through relays.

5. Tongue Motion Controlled Wheel Chair

TDS (tongue drive system) is a tongue operated unobtrusive supportive technology, which can prospectively give people with brutal disabilities a successful computer accessible and environment friendly control. It converts users’ intents into commands to control by sensing and categorizing their voluntary tongue movement using a small stable magnet, placed on the tongue and a collection of magnetic sensors assembled on a receiver outside the mouth. We have developed and applied four control tactics to drive a PWC (powered wheel chair) using an outside TDS model.

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6. GSM Advanced Wireless Earthquake Alarm System for Early Warning

This project explains the system structural design for a routing or navigation tool for visually disabled persons using GSM communication. The chief components are: a multi-sensory structure (including stereo system vision, auditory range locator and sensors for movement), a mapper, an alarming mechanism and a concrete human machine interface. A number of navigation tools are available for blinds as well, but these tools do not work for local path finding, collision avoidance, etc. The main aim of this project research is to develop a bearable device that helps the blind to achieve his local direction-finding tasks.

7. GSM Autonomous CAR Parking

GSM Based CAR Parking System

GSM Based CAR Parking System

In this project of car parking system, the entrance of the car is noticed automatically and the entrance of the parking is open for the automobile vehicle. The Car’s number is acknowledged by image development and later the billing is done according to the number of hours car was parked. RF & IR technology is used for object’s movement detection at the entrance door and also for data transmission. This car parking project has three sections. First one is located at the entrance of the parking gate. The next module is positioned in the parking floor. The last one is located at the billing division.

8. Microcontroller Based Two-Axis Solar Tracking System

Sun Tracking Solar Panel

Sun Tracking Solar Panel

The foremost objective of this project is to build up and put into practice a model of two-axis solar track structure based on a microcontroller. The parabolic replicator or parabolic board is assembled approximately two feed diameter to take into custody the sun’s energy. The parabolic replicator’s focus is to hypothetically calculate an infinitesimally tiny spot to obtain tremendously high temperature. This two axis automatically track system has also been developed by bringing into play a micro controller. The programming language used is assembly to incorporate the micro controller of the two-axis solar tracking system.

9. Mobi E-Cops With Multiprocessor System

This security mechanism is wireless & is used to sense Gas, Fire, movement of doors and windows to provide efficient home security systems with the use of a wireless based communication system. Sensors that discover disturbance, burn, Fire and even the noise of a cyclone can be included into alarm and home security mechanisms to give an absolute depiction of what is going outside & inside the house. Wireless phones and announcement devices can be included to the security systems to make sure that everybody is given an alert at the time of any distress or crisis. The security system is also added with call location device, to help while homeowners are not available at home. More complex mechanism offers the landowner the facility to listen and even witness what is occurring within the house in real time.

10. Monitor and Control of Greenhouse Environment

Green House Effect

Green House Effect

Suitable ecological surroundings are essential for optimal plant development, better crop productivity, and resourceful use of water and other resources. Automate the data acquirement procedure of the soil situation and different climatic factors that rule plant development permits information to be assembled at high rate of recurrence with fewer labor necessities. The present systems make use of PC or SMS based mechanisms for keeping the consumer endlessly well-versed of the circumstances within the greenhouse; but are too expensive, large, hard to uphold and less admired by the scientifically uneducated workers. The aim of this greenhouse project is to intend an uncomplicated, simple to set up, microcontroller based circuit to observe and record the amount of humidity, soil moisture, temperature, and sunlight of the natural atmosphere that are incessantly altered and managed in order to optimize them to attain maximum seed growth and hence productivity. The microcontroller employed is a low powered one & comprise a price efficient chip produced by ATMEL & has 8K bytes of flash memory.

A research experience other than a structured lecture or lab lessons is a valuable enlightening experience, both challenging and gratifying. It facilitates an electronic & electrical student to work intimately with the science & nature to innovate new technologies which are in favor of man-kind. Remember, engineering project is the key to a successful career start. You should always choose such a project which can actually add some value to your career. When the project chosen is not of your interest, you’ll not be able to finish it capably. For this reason, make certain to decide a project that is of your interests.

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Top 10 Electronics Projects Ideas for Engineering Students
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