Top List of Digital Electronics Projects with Abstract for Engineering Students

Nowadays most of the modern electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones work with the modern digital electronics. Digital electronics projects use a digital signal instead of an analog signal for their operation. There are many benefits of using digital signals in place of analog signals, viz. speed of operation, data protection, reproducibility, etc.

The best examples of digital electronic systems are mobile phones in which voice is converted into a series of electronic pulses as digital (or 0s and 1s), and then transmitted to receiver end where these digital pulses get converted back into a voice.

The logic gate is the common fundamental unit of digital electronics and basic gates include three types: AND, OR and NOT. Two universal gates NAND and NOR gates are made of these three basic gates. These Digital logic circuits are integrated into a single IC to design several processors and controllers.

Digital electronics
Digital electronics

In this article we are providing some digital electronics projects with abstracts for engineering students and for those who are interested to do projects on digital electronics. The following are some of the latest digital electronic projects with abstract.

Digital Electronics Projects

1. Home Security System

The aim of this project is to develop a security system to protect homes and offices from thieves. This project is designed by using LDR, LASER, buzzer, microcontrollers and with embedded C programming. When a thief or an unauthorized person enters into a home, this security system circuit rings an alarm.

2. Walking Stick with Heart Attack Detection

The purpose of this project is to indicate heart beat condition and it is designed especially for senior citizens who are prone to suffer from heart-related problems. This project consists of a microcontroller, an ECG circuitry and a Bluetooth module.


The ECG circuitry captures heart beat signal from the patient by using sensors, and then sends that signals to a microcontroller. Next, the microcontroller compares the heart beat with the normal rate, and if finds above the threshold levels, it will immediately warn the people around with a buzzing sound. The Bluetooth module helps in medical emergency at the time of heart attack.

3. High Precision Digital Voltmeter Design and Implementation

This project is designed to build a high-precision digital voltmeter. By using this voltmeter we can measure a voltage up to 30V with 10 mV resolution. The accuracy of this voltmeter is quite good, and it can therefore be used where precise measurement is required.

4. Micro Controller Based Tachometer

This is a simple electronic transducer that aims to measure the speed of the shaft. For any rotational system, rpm (revolutions per minute) is the necessary information to operate the loads at specified speeds. So this project achieves low-cost of operation. This project is useful in floor tools and industrial control processes.

5. Vehicle Immobilization System

The aim of this vehicle immobilization system project is to detect the vehicle theft by using embedded system. This project uses a keypad to enter the password and LCD display to show the authorization information. If an authorized person enters the correct password, then the vehicle allows the person to start and drive it. If an unauthorized person enters a wrong password, the alarm will turn on and also sends the message to the owner of vehicle.

6. Digital Soil Moisture Tester

This digital soil moisture tester project is used to check whether the soil is wet or dry, and also to check the wetness or dryness of cotton (woven and woolen) fabrics. In this project, the tester uses a number of LEDs driven by a display driver IC LM3915. When the two test probes are inserted in the soil, display shows the relative magnitude of conductance between the two test probes. And, also measures the dryness or wetness of the soil which is indicated by a sequential lighting of LED1 through LED9.

Digital Electronics Mini Projects List

Here is the list of mini projects in digital electronics that includes latest digital projects in 2014, for the electronic engineering students.

  1. Ultra Sonic Alarm for Visually Impaired
  2. Infra Red Repeater.
  3. Digital Fan Speed Regulator
  4. Phase Failure Relay
  5. Digital Bank Token Number Display
  6. Main Phase Sequence Indicator
  7. Precise Digital AC power Controller
  8. Digital Programmable Dark Room Controller
  9. Adaptive Lighting System for Automobiles
  10. Automatic Transformer Winding Control System
  11. Digitizing Signals from Electronic Stringed Instruments
  12. A GSM Jammer Design and Construction
  13. Digital Length Measurement
  14. Universal Digital Function Generator
  15. Digital based Pipe-Length Measurements for HDPE Plants

The advantages and disadvantages of a digital circuit when compared to the analog circuits include the following:


There is no data loss when we copy digital data.
These systems are easy to control with software and interface well with the computers. And information storage can be easier in these digital systems compare with the analog ones.


These circuits consume more energy than the analog circuits to accomplish the processing tasks and calculations.
In small quantities, digital circuits are more expensive.

Applications of Digital Electronics

In everyday life we use digital electronics in home appliances like stoves, washers, mobile phones. In offices we use computers and tablets, and for personal purpose, we use watches, cameras, video recorders, video games, and so on.

These are some of the latest digital electronic projects with abstracts. We believe that you have got a best list from this article, and if you want further help regarding these projects, you can contact us by commenting in the comment section.

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