Latest Power Electronics Project Ideas for Engineering Students

Nowadays power electronics has become rapidly growing field of electrical engineering and this technology covers a wide spectrum of electronic converters. Power electronics deals with controlling the flow of electrical energy- which is rated at a power level rather than signal level. The control of energy can be done with the help of solid-state-electronic switches and other control systems. High efficiency, smaller size, low cost and lesser weight for converting the electrical energy from one form to the other are the some of the advantages of power electronic devices.

Applications of Power Electronics Project Ideas
Applications of Power Electronics Project Ideas

The power electronics have the ability to convert, shape, and control large amounts of power. The application areas of power electronics projects are linear induction motor controls, power system equipment, industrial controlling devices, etc.

Latest Power Electronics Project Ideas for Engineering Students

Below mentioned are few power electronics project ideas that will help electrical and electronics engineering students. Each project, explained below can be used for a wide range of applications.

ACPWM Control of Induction Motor

This project defines a way to implement a new speed-control technique for a single-phase AC induction motor, which signifies the design of a low-cost and high-efficiency drive which is capable of supplying a single phase AC to an induction motor with reference to a PWM sinusoidal voltage.

ACPWM Control of Induction Motor
ACPWM Control of Induction Motor

The circuit operation is controlled by using an  8051 microcontroller and a Zero-detector crossing circuit is used to convert the sine pulses into square pulses. The device is designed for substituting the commonly used TRIAC phase angle control drives.

Home Automation System  using Thyristors

The aim of this project is to develop a home automation system using Thyristors, As the technology is advancing, houses are also getting smarter. In this proposed system home appliances are controlled by using advanced wireless RF technology. Most of the houses are shifting from conventional switches to centralized control systems with RF-controlled switches.


Home Automation System using Thyristors
Home Automation System using Thyristors

The TRIAC and Opto-Isolators are  interfaced to the microcontroller for controlling the loads. In this remote controlled home automation system switches are operated remotely by using RF technology.

High Efficiency AC–AC Power Electronic Converter Applied to Domestic Induction Heating

In olden days, several AC-AC converter topologies were implemented for simplifying the converter and increasing the efficiency of converter.

The project is designed to implement an induction heating application by using half-bridge series resonant topology, which uses several resonant matrix converters implemented by MOSFET, RB-IGBTs and IGBT’s. This system works based on the principle of the generation of a variable magnetic field by means of a planar inductor below a metallic vessel. The mains voltage is rectified by using a power supply and after that the inverter provides a medium frequency to feed the inductor. This system makes use of IGBT based on the operating frequency range and output range up to 3KW.

Lamp Life Extender by ZVS (Zero Voltage Switching)

The lamp life extender is essential to design and develop a device to increase the life of incandescent lamps. Since the incandescent lamps exhibit low resistance characteristics therefore it may lead to damage if it switched at high currents.

The proposed system provides a solution for the failure of random switching of the lamps by engaging a TRIAC in such a way that the lamp remains switch ‘ON’ as the precise time is controlled after detecting the  Zero-crossing point with respective to the supply-voltage waveforms.

Microcontroller Based Sensorless Control of BLDCMotor Drive for an Automotive Fuel Pump

The aim of this project is to develop a brushless DC motor with Sensorless control system for an automotive fuel pump. The technique involved in this system is based on a hysteresis comparator and a potential start-up method with a high starting torque.

Sensorless Brushless DC Motor
Sensorless Brushless DC Motor

The Hysteresis comparator is used as compensator for compensating the phase delay of the back EMF’s and also, to check the multiple output transitions from noise in the terminal voltages. The rotor position and stator current are easily adjusted and aligned by modulating the pulse width of the switching devices. This project makes use of a microcontroller. Many of the projects are implemented by using the single chip Dsp controller for Sensorless feasibility and startup techniques.

Design and Control of Single-Phase Switch Mode Boost Rectifier

The project is designed to improve the control technique for raising the efficiency and performance of the single phase switch-mode rectifiers. In this proposed system, the switch-mode rectifier operates at unity power factor and exhibits negligible harmonics in input current and produces acceptable ripples in the DC bus voltage.

The single phase-switch-mode rectifier comprises a boost converter and auxiliary boost converter. The boost converter is switched at higher frequencies to produce the shape of the input current closure of the sinusoidal voltage for eliminating the electromagnetic interference. The auxiliary boost converter  operates at a low switching frequency and works as current course and current deviator for a DC capacitor of the rectifier. The switch mode rectifier is the best analog control system for boost converters.

Remote AC Power Control by Android Application with LCD Display

This power electronic project defines a way to  control AC power to a load by using firing angle control of the Thyristor. The efficiency of this control system is high compared to any other system.

The operation of this system is controlled remotely by using a smartphone or a tablet with the android application with a Graphical User Interface by touchscreen technology. This project comprises of a Zero detector crossing unit which detects the output and fed the result into the microcontroller. By using a Bluetooth device and Android application, the levels of AC power to the load are adjusted.

This is all about the latest power electronic projects that can be used in different applications such as transportation, medical equipments, etc.. We appreciate the efforts of our readers for their valuable time on this article. Apart from this, for any help regarding any projects, you can contact us by commenting in the comment section below, and also contact us for any help regarding any project or similar sort of power electronics mini projects.

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