10 Good Electronics Mini Projects Ideas

Mini projects are playing very important role in getting good practical knowledge on the studied concepts in engineering. Electronics mini projects not just emphasize engineering theories but aid to unlock career prospects. There are many excellent electrical and electronics engineering mini projects for career progression, strengthen and challenge your awareness. This can be helpful not only for you, but also to others. These mini projects necessitate you to concentrate on all aspects of electrical and electronics engineering.

So, we are interested in listing some of the top electronics mini projects below for engineering students which a student can choose & design for his or her hobbyist needs. These mini projects are basically for electrical and electronics engineering students from a variety of streams such as EI (Electronics and Instrumentation), ECE (Electronics and Communication) and EEE (Electrical Engineering).

To get better idea over the simple electronics projects, kindly peep into the following top 10 projects with explanation:

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1. Battery Charger Circuit Bringing Into Play SCR

This is one of the most fundamental and finest mini project for any in electronics student. A SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) is made use of to fix the AC mains voltage for the battery charging. The circuit comprises of crucial transistor switching techniques and the constituents used are inexpensive and are obtainable in all electric shops.

2. Water Level Alarm Circuit

This circuit is brought into play to generate an alarm bell or light, when the height of water climbs beyond a certain level. This circuit makes use of a fundamental astable multi-vibrator prepared from an IC with 555timer. A resistance checks out is located on the tip at which the alarm has to be set ON, the moment the water goes up to that level, alarm starts to ring. The amount of constituents required for this circuit is incredibly less and can be effortlessly accumulated on a PCB.

3. Street Light Circuit

Street Light

Street Light

This small mini project is employed to intend a street light that glows up when night drops and mechanically switch OFF with the crack of dawn. In order to sense the amount of daylight that is desired to settle on when to discontinue the circuit and afterward stimulate it. This is done with the aid of a sensor named as LDR (Light Dependent Resistor). The key theory employed at the back of the Light Dependent Resistor is that, the existence of light causes the sensor’s resistance to go low & again brighten up. You can adjust the circuit by inserting LED’s as a substitute of the 230 volt light. This street light circuit is relatively simple to intend, and additional alterations can be done as per your choice.

4. Emergency Light Mini Project

This is a Light Dependent Resistor based Emergency Light that switches on a high watt white LED when the room is dark. It can also be brought into play as a simple emergency lamp in the kid’s room to steer clear of the panic situations in the event of unexpected current failure. It provides sufficient glow in the room. The circuit of Emergency Light is simple so that it can be created in a tiny box. A 12 volt tiny battery is made use of to give power supply to the circuit. T1 and T2 are two transistors employed as electronic keys to switch ON or OFF the white LED. To know more about it, click on Automatic Emergency LED Light.

5. Low Cost Fire Alarm Circuit

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm

This circuit is bring into play for spotting a fire and creating an alarm, therefore awaking the populace in the premises where it is incorporated. A sensor transistor named BC177 is brought use of to sense the temperature formed owing to the fire. A predetermined temperature level can be held in reserve for the transistor. The moment the temperature increases over the predetermined temperature level, the escape current of the transistor mounts, as a consequence driving other transistors in the circuit.  A relay is also making use of to turn the bell load as its output. The constituents desired for the circuit can be attained effortlessly and the circuit is simple to intend.

6. Air Flow Detector Circuit

This uncomplicated mini project is brought into use to intend an indicator to demonstrate the speed of air flow in a specified room. The air flow is sensed with the aid of a luminous bulb string. The deviations causing owing to the alteration of resistance in the bulb owing to the air flow are provided to the input of an equipped amplifier (LM339). Additional amendments can be done to the circuit and a number of them are given discussed as well.

7. Telephone Operated Calling System

This telephone operated alarming or calling circuit is extremely useful for doctors in signaling the patients, in financial institutions and in a variety of other circumstances where individuals have to be signaled or called. When you require calling an individual amid many resting outside your office, just raise the telephone receiver off the structure and push the respective number. The number of the individual called will be exhibited and signals will resonance to notify the individual that is called. A commonly used receiver IC named DTMF (Dual-tone multiple-frequency) is equipped in telephone set. The electronic circuit comprise of one common Dual-tone multiple-frequency receiver named Holtek HT9170.

8. Electronic Card Lock System

Electronic Card Lock System

Electronic Card Lock System

The circuit existing here can be employed as a security device (Lock) for vital electronic or electrical machines. When card is popped inside the machine, depending on the situation of the hole punched on the card, a precise machine would be turned ON. The card is introduced in the machine just like an ATM card inserted inside the ATM machine slot. This card is rectangular in shape with just one hole punched on it. The electronic card circuit brings into play eight photo-transistors (T1 to T8). When no card is there in the lock, illumination from luminous lantern L1 of 40- watt & 230V drops on all the photo- transistor sensors. If a wrong attempt of inserting the card is made, then the card will not go inside machine completely and thereby the system will not be unlocked.

9. Servo Motor Controller

This is an uncomplicated fundamental design of Servo pulse producer. It brings into play an IC named CMOS 7555 in the Astable mode to produce pulses to force the servo motor. The servo motor circuit can be aptly altered to get pulses of adequate length. A servo is a tiny machine that has a productivity shaft. This productivity shaft can be located to precise angular locations by propelling the servo a coded indication. As long as the coded indication survives on the input line, the servo will uphold the angular location of the productivity shaft. The angular location of the shaft is determined by the length of a pulse that is functional to the power wire. This is also known as Pulse Coded Modulation.

10. Single Chip FM Radio Circuit

This FM Radio mini project is primarily intended for B.tech EC scholars. An IC named TDA7000 is employed for the reason. The IC is incorporated with a Frequency Locked Loop mechanism with an intermediary frequency of 70 kHz. There have been a lot of criticisms that the IC is outdated. The intermediary frequency pick ability is attained by active RC strainers. The single function which wants alliance is the echoing circuit for the oscillator, therefore picking the reaction frequency. False reception is evaded by means of a silent circuit, which also eradicates too deafening input signs. Particular steps are used to assemble the radiation necessities.

Picking a theme for mini project is extremely vital while carrying out an electronics & electrical mini project. You require picking and choosing one of the newest trends and you require making certain that the mini project has to be of good significance to someone.

There are few key factors which are observed by the teachers while evaluate your mini project.

  • What is the scope of your mini project?
  • What are the applications and how is it useful to the real world?
  • What is your involvement in doing that mini project?
  • What is the practicability of putting into practice the same in real time?

Remember all the above points in mind before choosing and deciding an electronics mini project and get succeed in completing the project.

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10 Good Electronics Mini Projects Ideas
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    i need some project which uses instrumental amplifier… i am asking for mini project tell me few of it which uses it

    • Team ElProCus

      We have given here few list of project ideas which are related to embedded projects.

      - Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights
      - Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle
      - Password Based Circuit Breaker
      - Solar Powered Auto irrigation System
      - Solar Powered LED Street Light with Auto Intensity Control
      - Sun Tracking Solar Panel
      - Touch Screen Based Home Automation System
      - TV Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control
      - Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator
      - Wireless Electronic Notice Board Using GSM
      - Solar Energy Measurement System
      - Street Light that Glows on Detecting Vehicle Movement

      Click here if you want to check more about embedded projects ideas


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