Best Electrical Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

Electrical engineering is one of the main branches in engineering which deals with electronics and electricity. The main job of electrical engineers is to make distribution of energy to the devices using his knowledge and to solve the technical problems. For that purpose, engineering students have to get good knowledge on electrical concepts by doing some electrical projects in final year itself. So, it is very important to concentrate on some simple electrical mini projects also to get succeed in engineering. And also, to teach students about the concepts & theories of electric engineering, it is not necessary to formulate complex circuits, but just practice some simple electrical projects.

Top Electrical Mini Projects Ideas

Have a look at some good mini electrical projects ideas for engineering students.

1. Design of PM Generator for A Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The aim of this project is to design a generator of 20 kW for a vertical axis wind turbine with a wind speed of 10 m/s. This generator has only a few moving parts which not only makes it tougher but also reduces its cost of maintenance. However the turbine takes up wind from every direction but its rotation speed ratio is lower than horizontal axis wind turbines.

Owing to the size of generator it could be inferred that it would be expensive as the Neodymium magnets used in the generator are costly. After the simulation of various designs a very promising design has been finalized which fulfills all the specifications. The efficiency of this design is above 95% and it provides 20 kW power output. Furthermore, here, the usage of hard magnetic material would be relatively low. This design has a single row of cables per slot which prevents formation of heat pockets between cable rows. Although two or more cable rows per slot would make a smaller and efficient machine but the only flaw with this design is the formation of heat pockets.

2. Low Cost FM Booster

In this project we are showcasing a non expensive circuit of an FM booster that can be brought into play to eavesdrop to FM programs from far-flung FM stations and that too clearly. The circuit consists of an ordinary emitter tuned RF preamplifier cabled in the region of VHF or UHF transistor (2SC2570). (Just C2570 is interpreted on the transistor body.) Built up the circuit on a top quality PCB, (if possible on- glass-epoxy). Fiddle with input or output trimmers for highest frequency. Input coil comprise of 4 turns of 20SWG enameled with copper cable (to some extent space wound) approx 5mm diameter. It is wrapped at the initial turn from ground lead end. Input coil is same as output coil, but contains 3 turns.

3. Pre-study of New Electrical Coupling Between Train Cars

This is an initial study to determine the possibility to substitute distinct control signal wires over the electrical coupler between the train cars with a data bus system. Due to the high amount of contacts it contains, the coupler becomes large and heavy and so the manufacturers, who try to upgrade the existing fleet, face difficulty in transferring more signals as the coupler has no spare contacts to use. Apart from the control signals the electrical coupler also has Ethernet and power signals. At times Bus systems are also used by some trains for control signals or/and signals containing large amount of data. This report presents some common ways that manufacturers use for allocating electrical signals throughout the train. It also contains some design recommendations for a system that would gather existing signals to a bus system. The report also incorporates two design proposals for the above mentioned system.


The study reveals that there are already systems in the market that transfer control signals over a bus but they are more focused on the under construction trains. This is why a new bus system would only be appropriate for upgrading existing couplers so as to free some space in the electrical coupler unit.

4. Power Management through Energy Harvesting Concept

The aim of this project is to accumulate and optimize the usage of power. In general the control of this project is laid on the temperature and light sensors. Once the components are installed, the process becomes automatic. As the title of the project suggests, in this project we intend to manage and study the power loads in different conditions. It is noticed that if load at a particular zone is increased then the control will trip. In order to overcome these problems we have designed a circuit. The aim is to reduce the expenditure of supplied power to the load point.

5. Self-Powered Door Bell Watcher

Door bell
Door bell

This project aims at facilitating the home owner to know who rang the bell in his/her absence. This self-powered device intends to allow people to monitor if someone has rung his/her door-be in his/her absence. Installation process of this simple device involves connecting the circuit to the two door bell coil leads. When the door-bell is rung, an ac voltage of about 10-16 V is created at its ends and hence is rectified by Dicode and charges Electrolytic Capacitor.

Though this device was initially proposed to be used when a person leaves the house for a couple of hours but tests have shown that even if cheap capacitors are used, this devise guarantees a minimum 15 days of memory.

6. Flashing Beacon

This project of flashing beacon has several usages. It can be utilized as a de-anxiety sign on freeways or as a track director for parking spaces, malls, hospitals, hotels, etc. In this project we present a flashing beacon that brings into play a renowned controller IC LM317T. As LM317T control device can supply over 1 amp. A little 12V, 10W tube-light with a top-quality reflector can be used as an excellent noticeable blinker.

Flashing Beacon
Flashing Beacon

A 12 to 15V, 1A DC supply is united to the input point of the IC. A 12V, 10W tube-light and a blend of capacitors & resistors are fixed amid the output point and ADJ point of the IC. The IC is supplied with an aluminum heat-sink to scatter the warmth produced while supplying full current. As the IC has an integral switch-on current restrictor, it makes longer the life of the tube-light-light. For the given values of capacitors & resistors, the tube-light sparks at approx four cycles/second. The amount of sparks lies on the charge & discharge span of the capacitors. Varied values of capacitors & resistors can be employed to boost or reduce the amount of sparks.

7. Low Cost Hearing Aid

Hearing aids available in market are really very costly. In this project we are developing an inexpensive hearing aid circuit that brings into play just 4 transistors and a little reflexive parts.

After turning ON the power button, the condenser micro-phone senses the noise sign, which is improved by transistors. Later the improved voice sign goes through couple capacitors to the bottom of the third transistor. The voice signal is extra improved by forth PNP transistor to drive a stumpy impedance ear-phone. Forth & fifth capacitor employed are the power supplying decoupling capacitors.

This circuit can be effortlessly fixed on a small, generally used PCB or a Vero-board. It functions with a 3V DC supply. For this purpose, two small 1.5V batteries are used. Turning knob ‘OFF’ will deactivate the circuit & to boost the sensitivity of the micro-phone, place it inside a tube.

8. Anti-Bag-Snatching Alarm

In this project we are developing a simple alarm circuit to stop snatching of your assets during travel. The snatch circuit enclosed in a bag or suitcase alerts you with loud alarm, activating police siren, in case of snatching your bag or suitcase. This will magnetize the notice of other nearby and the thief can be trapped. While in standby mode, the circuit is locked. When the thief attempts to snatch the bag, the circuit activates the alarm. The circuit is intended around op-amp IC CA3140, which is arranged like a comparator.

9. Stress Meter

Stress Meter
Stress Meter

This stress meter scrutinizes your emotional level. If stress level is high, it provides visual signal via LED (light-emitting diode) together with a warning alarm. This is a small gear to be worn round the wrist as watch.

The gear is constructed on the theory that the skin’s resistance differs in accordance with your emotions. If stress is more less resistance is offered by skin, and when body is relaxed high resistance is offered by skin. The skin’s low resistance is due to the boost in the supply of blood to the skin. This boosts the skin’s permeability & therefore electric current’s conduction. This is a sensitive circuit & can even sense little variations in mood & emotions. The touch pad detects the variation in the stress meter & sends the same data to the circuit.

10. Light Fence

The fundamental trouble with maximum ordinary light sensors is that they necessitate exact arrangement of light ray to silent the circuit while in stand-by mode. This project explained here extremely sensitive that it can sense a person passing by few meters away in daytime or beneath electric lamps with no proper light beam arrangement. It needs practically no set up, and can be merely positioned within the line of sight of roughly any source of light comprising sparkling day light or glowing electric lamp. The alarm alert produced from the circuit is loud enough to identify the access of any unknown person in any protected region under surveillance. The circuit employs a volt comparator and a mono-stable regulator to provide the alert alarm on sensing a person around.

An electric engineering student must be keen enough in doing the mini electric projects. Indulge yourself in any of the constructive work or project this can bring immense variation in the amount of knowledge you have. Electric engineering students endeavoring on a mini project and coming out with colors of success will be like an icing on the cake. You can actually be exceptional once as you initiate obtaining practical acquaintance by doing mini electrical projects. So do not wait for others, place, instructions or time. Explore the alternatives accessible and investigate.

Photo Credit: Door bell from Flickrinfo.acoustiblok


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