Best Embedded Systems Projects Ideas

Latest Technology Innovations in the Field of Embedded Systems Projects Ideas

Embedded Systems Projects is possibly the principal solitary group of projects, particularly with regard to electronics & electric students. These embedded projects are also the most admired group amid the electronics & electric students for a number of reasons. Amid countless reasons for picking projects based on embedded systems the most sensible reasons are – easiness in demonstration, lucrative, easy to comprehend and give explanation etc. Embedded system projects also proffer the most excellent interface potential for linking sensors, a variety of input and output gadgets, and a range of communications alternatives. Owing to all these reasons they are the most excellent option for projects, which involve linking to a number of other gadgets.

List of Top Embedded Systems Projects for engineering students:

1. Embedded Web Tech in Traffic Monitoring System

The principal objective of this project is to create software & hardware that can streamline audio data with the aid of USB 2.0. This is a XMOS & USB 2.0 based project design. With the aid of this project we have brought forward reality in the form of a complete new innovative product. This USB audio solution bring into play high speed USB 2.0 with 480mb/s of audio data which delivers 24 bit audio. Approximately 192 KHz of sample frequency is received along with 2-40 audio channels. The extremely supple XMOS machines permit you to custom your solution to the precise combination of interfaces and digital procedures for your finished product.

This USB Audio solution 2.0 brings into use the XS1-L1 machine to make available high quality digital audio connection for pro-audio and customer applications. The structure of the project also comprise of support for the USB Audio 1.0.

2. Automation of Cars Using Embedded Systems Technology

In this project of automation cars we have a receiver & a transmitter, the receiver collects all the signals from the transmitter. We can incorporate the system of automation car with microcontroller or a microprocessor as per the need. The finger impression can be scanned and can be used to lock & unlock the car. A navigator can also be integrated in the system to give direction & location of the car. The directions are provided to the car with the help of GPS technology. Air bags in the automation cars too can work on the embedded system & can save the driver at the time of accident. A break system monitoring device has to be added to get all the information regarding any disturbance caused in the break system. A sensor too is incorporated in the car’s system which will automatically apply brakes or lower the speed when any obstacle is there.

3. Mobile Operated SCADA for Industries Embedded System Project

The principal objective of this Mobile operated SCADA project is to formulate a system which can keep a control over the working of a number of industrial machines at a time and to facilitate the remote usage of the equipment mobile technology is used. The Mobile operated Scada project is designed with equipments like- Microcontroller, smoke sensor, DTMF decoder, buzzer, a GSM mobile, temperature sensor to get an efficient control over boiler division & packaging division. This embedded project brings into play DTMF decoder to connect GSM mobile with the microcontroller. The temperature sensor helps to sense the temperature in the boiler division & hence can be controlled. At the time of fire, smoke sensor helps & alerts by the buzzer. This embedded project is discovered in industrial units where control over processes is required distantly with some safety and validation.

4. Transients Control for Home Appliances Project

The key objective of this transients Control project is to intend a gadget which can control the transients that take place all through domestic applications. This transients Control project functions with a microcontroller & embedded system. Microcontroller is the integral or main part of system. This system works on the commands entered. Programming language “C” is used in this transients Control project which is written into microcontroller. Sensors are brought into use to identify variations in the factors & conveys message to analog to digital convertor & the message converted is later conveyed to the microcontroller. Microcontroller compared the message with the values written in the program & if the values do not match any of the factors, microcontroller will release a command and thereby switching OFF the appliance.

5. Temperature Controlled Fan Projects

Temperature Controlled Fans

Temperature Controlled Fans

The main intention behind this temperature controlled fan projects is to automatically control the speed of the fan based on the room temperature variations. In this project to read room temperature we bring into play LM35 sensor which conveys all the variations to the digital to analog converter which converts the variations into a digital signal & sends it to the micro controller. After reading the digital signals microcontroller controls the fan speed with the help of the relays attached to it. The user is provided with a display screen to provide all the variation information, a buzzer is heard while the fan speed is controlled. The micro controller employed in the project is of 8051 family. All the coding is done in “C” programming language & is written in to the microcontroller of 8051 family. The hardware used in the project – temperature sensors, fan, relay, LCD screen, ADC, regulated power supply and 8051 micro controller.

6. Solar Tracking System for Optimal Power Generation Embedded System Projects

Solar Tracking System for Power GenerationThe main idea behind this solar tracking project is to create an effective solar panel which makes use of the sun rays & produce maximum energy. The foremost usage of this solar project is to offer an answer for solar systems for producing maximum energy from the solar panel by grabbing utmost sun beams for a complete day time. This solar system is incorporated with rotational solar panel which will turn around in the sun’s direction. In the current situation where everyone is facing issues with long hours of power cut, this solar tracking system will produce optimal power & merely with the help of the sun rays. Although there are a number of sources of energy such as- wind & water. But under this project the cheapest source of energy is used i.e. solar energy.

7. Development of Embedded Web Server on ARM9 Project

The principal objective of this embedded web server project is to construct an efficient embedded web server. With the speedy growth of embedded technology, to a great extent embedded gadgets (like intelligent devices, wireless sensor, etc.,) are in demand for embedded-network connection for a shared action. Connecting embedded systems to the net has been an imperative expansion direction, and which is one of essential roles for the embedded systems in the upcoming future. Based on this approach, we have selected to run any net application on an embedded object. Web server is one of the main applications used in this web server project. To put into practice a web server a vigorous and dependable tcp/ip load is necessary. So, we have selected embedded Linux for this mission to apply web-server, as, Linux comprise extremely vigorous and dependable network load. In this venture, we will be formulating an embedded web server ARM9 by bringing into play embedded Linux.

8. Design of Embedded Security Door Lock Systempassword based security door lock system

This project of embedded security door lock system is described with the help of a digital lock which is interfaced with a micro controller. The security of your house & office is given top priority. The principle aim of this embedded security door lock system is to enable a door with a security password. For this purpose a power supply is intended for the complete security door circuit & micro controller which are appropriate for the mechanism of the circuit. The other required devices in this project are a DC motor, buzzer & a keypad to enter the password.

To enter the door or exit it power supply is required, for entering “*” has to be pressed while for closing “#” has to be pressed. After pressing * or # password need to be punched. If the password matches the one entered in the micro controller then the microcontroller will pass the command and the door will be opened or locked. The password can be reset in the microcontroller.

9. Embedded Based Customized Wireless Message Circular System for College Industries

This embedded message circular system brings into play a microcontroller 89S51. This is an extremely supple and cost efficient solution. The power supply is employed to provide a regular power of 5V to various IC’s in the embedded message circular circuit. An encoder is employed which is a transducer to translate data from the given format to the format required, this is done just to save and accelerate the processes. This embedded message circular system majorly contains of a micro controller, RF module, encoder, power supply unit, decoder and a LCD screen to display. The utilization of this embedded wireless system in this assignment as a substitute of common purpose computers has the benefit that it carries out a narrow series of jobs. This outcomes in decrease of overall expenditures and complications.

The decoder employed in this system is just contrast to the encoder used to collect the original information. This wireless message circular project can be put into operation to convey messages from a central position to all classrooms.

10. Library Automation Using RFID

We are bringing into play RFID technology in this library automation system. This technology works by identifying persons & books based on the unique tag number & a micro controller LPC2148 which is of ARM7 structural design. This microcontroller will process the information & will send to the personal computer data base, the data base will be accumulated in this computer & will maintain the record about the person who has taken the book, which book is he taking & in the same manner the record will be upgraded when the book is returned. The software utilized in this library automation system is Embedded ‘C’ Programming Language. Some other tools used in the system are Keil software product, Flash Magic Application. The advantages of this library automation system are – easy way to keep a record of books in proper manner, identifying the library members and too cost effective.

Presently consumers are driven by latest technology innovations. A number of innovative technologies are now available in the field of engineering to use which were not there few years back. No matter, what’s the class of industry, engineering services are greatly in demand these days. These latest engineering innovations helps to reduce the burden of work were as saves a great amount of time.

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