Advanced Embedded Systems Projects List for ECE and EEE Students

The technological innovations in the Embedded Systems lead to the widespread usage of it over a wide range of applications. Embedded systems are found in applications that range from simple consumer-electronic gadgets to highly-complex industrial equipments. This system uses electronic components in conjunction with computer network systems to have control on various equipments. Embedded system consists a single-chip microcontroller or microprocessor that acts as the central control to the interfaced peripheral devices.

Embedded systems projects list
Embedded systems projects list

Therefore, this article is intended to give an advanced embedded system projects list over a well- known applications. All these projects in embedded systems are of real time based projects which relates to both home and industrial areas. Thus, the below list provides the embedded systems projects for ECE students.

Top Embedded Systems Projects List

SCADA Implementation to Substations By Edgefx Technologies
SCADA Implementation to Substations By Edgefx Technologies
  1. Implementation of Electronic Medical Record of Patient Monitoring Database
  2. Design of Intelligent Electronic Toll Collection System on Highways
  3. Implementation of Humanoid Robot For Preventing Children Accidents
  4. Embedded Based Feedback Control of Servo Motor
  5. Vehicle Theft Intimation To Owner Using GPS and GSM Technologies
  6. PC Based Weather Monitoring System Using Embedded Technology
  7. Wireless Rash Driving Detection Using IR Sensors
  8. Implementation of  Electronic Voting Machine
  9. SCADA Implementation to Substations Using Zigbee Technology
  10. Temperature Monitoring and Recording System based on I2C Protocol
  11. Remote Control of Single Phase Induction Motor Control Upon Android Application
  12. GPS Based Vehicle Accident Identification System
  13. Finger Print Recoganisation System for Device Switching and Control
  14. Electronic Notice Board Operated Remotely Through Android Phone
  15. GSM Based Substation Monitoring and Control System Using Microcontroller
  16. Implementation of ACPWM Technique for Induction Motor Control
  17. Voice Enabled Switching of Electrical Appliances For Visually-impaired Persons
  18. Automatic Monthly Energy Meter Billing over GSM to Users
  19. People Management System using RFID based UHF Tags
  20. Password Based Electronic Circuit Breaker Using Microcontroller
  21. Implementation of Multilevel Inverter based Series Compensator for Electrical Transmission Lines
  22. Automatic Door Opening System Operated by Movement Detection
  23. Traffic Signals Synchronization at Various Junctions Using Microcontroller
  24. Vehicle Movement Based Street Light Control System
  25. IR Remote Controlled AC Power Using Thyristors
  26. GSM Based Railway Level Crossing Gate by SMS of the Station Master or Driver
  27. Embedded Based Energy Efficient Control of  3 Phase Induction Motor
  28. Single-phase Electricity – Stealing Measuring Equipment with Long-distance Monitoring Equipment
  29. Liquid Level Control in Closed Tanks Using Ultrasonic Sensors
  30. MEMS Sensor Based Measuring and Transmitting of Vital Body Signs
  31. GSM and GPS Based Mobile Hacking Prevention and Theft Detection System
  32. Intelligent Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter Implementation with  Half-Bridge Topology

    DC Motor Control Circuit from EDGEFX TEchnologies
    DC Motor Control Circuit from EDGEFX Technologies
  33. Multiple Microcontroller Networking System
  34. Soil Moisture Automatic Irrigation System
  35. Design of An Autonomous Robotic Surveillance and Security System
  36. RFID Authenticated Paid Car Parking System
  37. Sensor Based Infant Monitoring System Using Microcontroller
  38. Android Phone Operated Four Quadrant Control of DC Motor
  39. Programmable Time Managed Load Shedding For Utility Department
  40. Locating of Underground Cable Fault Distance Using Arduino
  41. Guiding the Fire Fighting Robot Remotely Through an Android Application
  42. Interfacing Voice Guiding System for an Autonomous Robot
  43. Implementation of Contactless Digital Tachometer for Speed Measurement
  44. Automatic Drunken Driven Detecting System using PIC Microcontroller
  45. Propeller Display of Message Using Set of LEDs
  46. Automatic and Manual Load Sharing in Industrial Operations Using DC Motors
  47. GSM Based Monitoring System of UPS battery for High Power Backup Applications
  48. Auto Intensity Control of Solar Powered LED Street Lights
  49. Implementation of Closed Loop or Feedback Control System for a Brushless DC Motor
  50. Industrial Load Control System Using DTMF Based Signals

Embedded Systems Mini Projects

In addition to the embedded system projects for final year ECE students , the below mentioned list contains some more embedded-based projects ideas for the 3rd year students for their mini projects. Students who are carrying out their mini projects can refer these ideas for selecting the best and advanced electronic project.

  1. Traffic Signal Control Based on Density at the Junctions With Remote Override Facility

    Patient Monitoring Circuit By EDGEFX Technologies
    Patient Monitoring Circuit By EDGEFX Technologies
  2. Electrical Load Control Using PC Based Commands
  3. Temperature Controller For Industrial Operations
  4. ZIGBEE Technology Based Passenger Information System of Transportation
  5. TV Remote Operated Cordless Mouse for the PC using PIC Microcontroller
  6. Patient Monitoring System Using GSM Technology
  7. Switching of Electrical Loads Based on IR Obstacle Detection
  8. Railway Track Crack Detection Robotic Vehicle
  9. Prepaid Card Based Bus Fair System
  10. Implementation of PID Controller for Closed Loop Operation of DC Motor
  11. RFID Based Institutional Attendance System
  12. Microcontroller Based Water Level Indicator Cum Controlling System Using IR Sensors
  13. Remote Industrial Plant SCADA System
  14. Home Monitoring and Control System for Elder Persons
  15. Automatic Water Pumping System Using MPPT Controller
  16. Microcontroller Based Line following Robotic Vehicle

    Line following Robotic Vehicle Circuit
    Line following Robotic Vehicle Circuit
  17. Solar Panel Generation with Sun Tracking Technique
  18. Train Collision Avoidance System
  19. Implementation of Voice Based Security System
  20. Speed Control of Brushless DC Motor with RPM Display
  21. Petrol Level Indicator Using RF Wireless Technology for Automobiles
  22. Implementation of Object Counter of Commercial Systems with 7 Segment Display
  23. GSM Based Wireless Energy Meter Reading Upon SMS to Utility Companies
  24. Ultrasonic Sensor Based Parking Guidance System
  25. Mobile Charger Design Using Solar Power
  26. Android Mobile Operated Robotic Vehicle for Store Management
  27. Embedded RTC Based Device Control For Industries
  28. IR-based Automatic Room Light Control System for Homes
  29. Touch Screen-based Vehicle Driving System
  30. ACPWM-based Soft Start of Single Phase Induction Motor

These are the major and mini latest embedded systems projects list over a distinctive application areas. You can choose and pick your desired project from the above listed advanced embedded systems projects. Furthermore, for any guidance on practical implementation of these projects, you can feel free to contact us by commenting below.


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