New Microcontroller Projects for Electrical Engineering Students in 2014

Unlike electronics projects, electrical projects requires a power supply that needs to be rated at a high power level rather than signal level. And these projects are quite complex and demands high investments. The major areas that handle the projects of electrical engineering include electric power generation, communication, power system equipment handling and maintenance, industrial control and robotics, energy systems and power electronics, and so on. Therefore, this article gives popular electrical projects for students in different areas that are mentioned above.

Microcontroller Based Electrical Projects for Students
Microcontroller Based Electrical Projects for Students

Recent Electrical Projects for Students

In the present education scenario, electrical engineering students are showing a lot of interest to do major and mini electrical projects using advanced control technologies. But, it is advisable from many experts to start doing projects from basic level using basic controllers like microcontrollers. So, here we have discussed new and popular electrical projects for students such as a speed control unit for a DC motor, Electrical Cable Fault Locator, Stepper Motor Controlling System, etc. These projects for beginners will certainly helpful while doing in a practical manner.

1. Automatic Phase Change over for 3 Phase Electricity System using AT89C52 Microcontroller

The aim of this project is to check the availability of three phase supply which is connected to the loads by using AT89C52 Microcontroller. The microcontroller continuously checks the conditions of the phases connected to the loads and correspondingly changes the supply source using relays. A relay driver is used to drive the transistor in order to energize relay coils.

Automatic Phase Change over Circuit
Automatic Phase Change over Circuit

Under the phase failure condition of any phase, this system detects and automatically transfers to the other active phase by switching the corresponding relay. In the event of all three phase failure or main outage, the system delivers uninterrupted power to the loads from inverter source. An LCD display is connected to the system to display the status of the phase condition.

2. Designing of Odometer-Cum-Speedometer using 8051 Microcontroller

Many of the luxury cars and motorbikes make use of digital speedometers, even a motor bike equipped with a mechanical speedometer. In case of any damage in the speedometer first you have to replace the mechanical worm gear and then the cable. To solve this problem we have designed a digital Odometer-Cum-Speedometer using 8051 microcontroller, LCD display and other components. This speedometer is a better one compared to the mechanical speedometer and a beginner can also be easily assemble it.


In this proposed system a magnetic sensor is used to sense the rotational speed of the motor bike and opto couplers are used to transfer digital data between two isolated circuits. EEPROM circuit is used to store the digital readings saved in nonvolatile memory and an oscillator circuit to generate the output and this generated output is compared with the data stored in the microcontroller. The LCD display is interfaced with microcontroller to display the speed and distance travelled by the motor bike.


3. X-BEE Based Remote Monitoring of 3 Parameters on Transformer-Generator Health

This project defines a way to acquire data of transformers remotely by using XBEE module or GSM modem. The components such as a temperature sensor, three current transformers and three potential transformers are used for acquiring the data of the transformer .

Three analog values of the transformer are taken in a multiplexing mode by 8051 microcontroller which is interfaced through an ADC 0808. Then the corresponding values of the sensors are sent sequentially based on the frequency of the multiplexing of ADC 0808 by microcontroller. The values are then sent to the XBEE module which operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz for transmitting data.

X-BEE Based Remote Monitoring of 3 Parameters on Transformer-Generator Health
X-BEE Based Remote Monitoring of 3 Parameters on Transformer-Generator Health

In the receiver unit, a remote receiver uses an 8051 microcontroller to receive the real time data and after the processing of this data, corresponding results are displayed on LCD display.

4. Bi Directional Rotation of an Induction Motor with a Remote Control Device

This microcontroller based projects defines a way to drive an induction motor for the required application in forward and reverse directions by using wireless communication technology. Consider an example; an exhaust fan can be used in both directions to fresh air and to exhaust the hot air out. This system can be used in case of conventional exhaust of a fan that rotates only in one direction.

This proposed system gives visual demonstration to rotate a induction motor in clock wise and anti clock wise direction and TV remote is used to control the direction of the motor.

Bi Directional Rotation of an Induction Motor
Bi Directional Rotation of an Induction Motor by Edgefxkits and Solutions

When a TV remote button is pressed, it sends an IR signal to an IR receiver, the output IR signal generated from the IR receiver is fed to a 8051 microcontroller which is interfaced to the relay driver. The relay switching is done in the bistable mode for an induction motor to move in a forward and backward direction.

5. WSN Based Design of Electrical Substation Temperature Monitoring System

In recent years the design and implementation of wireless sensor networks have become an emerging area of research. Since the considerable environment effect on electrical substation equipments causes electrical accidents, therefore, to provide security in such conditions remote monitoring is necessary. Thus, this system is intended to design temperature monitoring system based on wireless sensor networks.

Electrical Substation Temperature Monitoring System
Electrical Substation Temperature Monitoring System

This system improves the environment of electrical substation and ensures the operation of the substation, additionally monitors the conditions of switches and power distribution equipment.

Some More Electrical Projects for Students

Nowadays, many engineering students are interested in microcontroller based projects. So, here we are listing out some of the top electrical projects which may give a better idea on a major project for electrical engineering students in selecting the projects during their academics.

  1. Active-Current Pulse Width Modulation Control for Induction Motor
  2. X-BEE Based Remote Monitoring of 3 Parameters on Transformer-Generator Health
  3. 8051 Microcontroller Based Industrial Temperature Controller
  4. Bi Directional Rotation of an Induction Motor with a Remote Control Device
  5. Design and Implementation of a OPC and PLC based DC Motor Control Laboratory
  6. Automatic System for controlling and measuring the Length of a Moving Products in Industries
  7. Design of control system and integrated supervision for substation
  8. WSN Based Design of Electrical Substation Temperature Monitoring System
  9. Challenges and Direction towards the SCADA System in Secure Communication
  10. Design and Control of Variable Speed Induction Machine Wind Generation System using Fuzzy Logic Controller
  11. Zigbee communication and a Low Power Embedded Board based Current Measurement and Remote Power on/off control for Home Electric Outlets
  12. Design and Implementation of Speed Control Unit for a DC Motor
  13. Zigbee Communication Technology based Development of a Smart Power Meter for Automatic Meter Indication
  14. Design and Implementation of New Power Quality Solutions for Industrial Applications
  15. Transformers less Low Loss Direct-Current Converter
  16. 8051 Microcontroller based Electrical Cable Fault Locator
  17. Single Phasing Preventer using 8051 Microcontroller
  18. 8051 Microcontroller Interfacing with DC Motor
  19. 8051 Microcontroller and ULN 2003 based Stepper Motor Controlling System
  20. Motor Protector Cum Water Level Controller using 8051 Microcontroller
  21. Designing of Odometer-Cum-Speedometer using 8051 Microcontroller
  22. 8051 Microcontroller based Industrial or Home Automation
  23. Differential Protection of Transformer Using 8051 Microcontroller
  24. AT89C51 Microcontroller based Dedicated PID Controller for Temperature
  25. Touch Screen and 8051 Microcontroller Based Motor Speed Control  and Direction Controlling  System

These are the microcontroller based electrical projects for students, which are used in various applications such as industrial automation, power systems and power electronics, etc. We are glad for the efforts of our readers for spending their valuable time on this article. Apart from this, for any help or suggestions regarding this electronics and electrical projects, you can contact us by commenting in the comment section below.

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