100+ Electronics and Communication Engineering Projects

The process of making scientific changes in the design and development, maintenance, repair, and fabrication of electronic machines, instruments, and communication systems is known as electronics. Without knowledge of electronics, there is no scope for other engineering wings to perform any work, it might be any branch such as chemical, electrical, mechanical, civil sectors, and so on. Nowadays many of the students showing interest to choose Electronics and communication engineering branches due to the reason that electronics and communication have more demand compared to other engineering streams. For helping out students in choosing their major and mini electronics and communication projects during their duration of the third and fourth year, here we are providing a list of Electronics and communication projects for engineering students which will also be useful for electrical, electronics, telecommunication, and instrumentation engineering students.

Electronics and Communication Engineering Projects

Engineering students always look for the latest as well as meaningful electronics and communication projects which make that investigate valuable. The following collected electronic and communication projects are from different resources and these are very simple and also interesting. The list of electronics and communication projects includes the following. These projects are very useful for ECE students to do their final year engineering major project work. The following projects list includes simple and complex projects. All of these projects will provide practical knowledge as well as guidance for engineering students to get succeed in their final year by doing these projects.

The list of electronics and communication projects mainly includes electronics projects, wireless communication projects, and common electronics and communication projects.

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Detection & Monitoring of Manhole using IoT

At present, accidents mainly occur due to many reasons. In that, accidents due to missing or damaged manholes have been increasing because of improper monitoring. These accidents can cause injuries & also death. To overcome this problem, the proposed system is developed namely detection & monitoring of manhole. This project can be built with a set of sensors for monitoring the cover of the manhole completely so that accidents can be prevented.

This system comprises of a gas cover to detect the emitted gas from the manure systems so that toxicity & internal temperature can also be monitored. A tilt sensor can also be used in this project to specify whether the manhole can tip. As well, a float sensor indicates once the level of water goes beyond a fixed level, then an SMS can be sent to the concerned person through the IoT website. So, the entire manhole updates can be updated within the website.


Drone for Monitoring Mask & Social Distancing for Prevention of COVID

In the middle of 2019 to 2020, many people all over the world have been still affecting by a strong virus namely COVID19, which is an extremely contagious virus. So to protect from the virus, one should wear a mask in the public and maintain social distancing. For that, monitoring and giving regular reminders are also very important for people.

In this proposed system, the drone can be designed to round long distances to monitor the public places to ensure whether the people mask & social distancing is maintaining or not. This drone can be built with a controller that is connected with motors using a high rpm quad-captor for simple control and navigation.

This drone can be controlled through RC for long-range, FP camera for live recording, and a loudspeaker to give warning or scolding offenders. So this drone is very useful in patrolling and monitoring large areas.

RSA Encryption based Wireless Communication Securely using Wi-Fi

The proposed system namely wireless communication through RSA encryption & Wi-Fi allows us to converse wirelessly through safety features. In this project, When the communication between two systems is encrypted through RSA then the data transfer can be done very securely.

The decryption of data can be done using an exact key, or else it will come back with some garbage value. This is a two-way communication system wherever we can send & receiver at both ends. In this project, the Atmega microcontroller is connected using Xbee through an LCD for sending messages & keys. For every system, USB keyboards are used which uses 12V supply.

Once the system gets started then the message can be entered on the system, then the system requests for the password, where the password limit is sixteen characters like alphabets or numbers. When the password is entered then it will transmit the encrypted message to another system. After that, the other system request key to look at the message. Whenever the correct key is entered by the user then it will decrypt or it will display garbage value therefore wireless communication can be secured.

IR Wireless Underwater Communication System

This project implements a communication system underwater using IR. This system is used for wireless communication of messages through the water. The proposed system is an extremely inexpensive alternative to long heavy physical wires that run through seas, rivers and require large costs for laying those wires and their maintenance.

This project uses an IR transmitter & receiver, microcontrollers, and an LCD. Every system includes a keyboard to enter the messages. In this project, two water barrels are used for demonstrating this system through IR signals.

The system includes an acknowledgment receipt communication that is transmitted reverse from the circuits of receiving to the transmitting on communication receipt. So, efficient communication can be done in between two circuits wirelessly.

Communication System based on RF Secure Coded

This project allows the users to send codes that are confidential by entering messages using the keyboard of the computer throughout RF transmitters. The code which is transmitted can be received by the RF receiver so that message can be maintained confidentially.

This project is used in different applications for secret communication like the military, government sector, etc. The user enters a secret code through a PC keyboard. After that, it can be processed through the microcontroller and delivers to the end of the receiver. At the receiver side, the RF receiver is connected using a code as well as a display. The message can be visible for the user whenever he enters the correct password. Whenever he enters the correct code then the message can be displayed on an LCD.

Communication System from PC to PC

This project is used to design a wireless communication system. By using this system, communication among two computers can be done wirelessly through 2.4GHz trans-receiver units. The proposed system is applicable incorporate to communicate with employees as well as managers.

In this project, a set of transceiver modules with 2.4 GHz frequency is used for bidirectional communication in real-time. Once the user begins a chat then a buzzer is employed to notify. The personal computers are connected through a set of transceiver modules using a DB9 connector & serial data cord. A protocol like RS232 is used in between the modules whereas the PC is used for communication.

Zigbee & Touchscreen based Assistance for Illiterates & Dumb in Airline

This project is used to implement an assistance system based on touch screen technology for dumb as well as illiterate people who travel in the airline for requesting different services like tea, food, coffee, drinks, etc. In this project, the Zigbee protocol is used to communicate between the interface as well as the control unit. Here, microcontrollers are used for both the transmitter & receiver segments.

Communication of Network Monitoring System

This project implements a complete system to provide information regarding the local network on the campus. In this project, the software mainly focuses on administrative duty by allowing the administrator of the local network to sight the whole network arrangement to achieve real-time monitoring and client control to discover traffic of LAN & detection of failure. He can communicate with the clients to ensure the complaints listed by them. The password of the system can also be changed by the administrator to ensure security within the network

The administrator checks all the machines within the network & configurations of the system. He checks the login time, log-off time, date, etc. He can send messages through online to the systems within the network. For all the users, a call registration facility can be provided so that complaints, as well as requests of the users, can be registered. The administrator checks the complaints and gives replies to them.

IoT based Monitoring System for Weather

This project implements a monitoring system for weather using IoT. The proposed system assists you to recognize the incorporation of sensors to the IoT device. This project develops an electronic device to detect the changes within humidity or temperature & sends updates toward the user from a distant location. Further, this project can be implemented by programming to send an e-mail as well as SMS to the user to give an update in a fixed value. The main components used in this project are the DHT sensor, Wi-FI module, and Arduino Uno.

RFID based Automation System for Library

The proposed system implements an automation system for the library using RFID. This project can be built with ARM7 & LPC2148 microcontrollers. This technology is mainly used to identify the books and persons in the library depending on their unique RFID tag number

Also, the process of this system information can be done using the microcontroller and sends to the database of the PC to accumulate & maintain the record regarding the student. The information of the student when he takes the book & returns the book can be recorded in the software which is developed in Embedded C language.

The main benefits of this project are books record in the library can be maintained very easily, it recognizes the students in the library, reduces the workload and time.

Development of Web Server through ARM9

This project is used to develop an embedded web server efficiently. Day by day, the expansion in the embedded technology has been increasing to make embedded gadgets, devices, etc. Also, adding the internet to the embedded systems has been an essential development in the upcoming future, so depending on the approach, any net application is used to run the embedded object. In the webserver project, one of the main applications is the webserver. Practically, for a web server, a strong and reliable TCP/IP load is essential.

Arduino based DIY Ventilator for Covid Pandemics by Sensing Blood Oxygen

Generally, the lungs of human beings work through reverse pressure that is produced by the reduction motion of the diaphragm to suck in air for breathing. From a ventilator, an opposing action is used to pump up the lungs through pumping type motion. For every minute, the mechanism of the ventilator should deliver ten to thirty breaths by adjusting the volume of air pushed toward the lungs in every breath.

The ventilator should check the level of blood, oxygen & pressure of exhaled lung to keep away from unstable air pressure. The ventilator system is mainly developed through Arduino. This project uses sensors like blood oxygen & sensitive pressure for monitoring the patient & displays the parameters on a small monitor. This system can be driven through an Arduino controller for achieving preferred results & helps the patients in emergency conditions like the COVID epidemic.

Protection System of Industry using GSM

Day by day n industries, the number of accidents has increased because of manual and human errors. To overcome this issue, a project like industrial protection system using GSM is used to detect temperature, smoke & light to track the accidents.

Whenever the machine’s temperature goes above the fixed level then the system detects. If the temperature goes above the fixed level then it is a malfunction indication. In this project, a temperature sensor is used for detecting the accident and when the malfunction otherwise machine loads are increased then it indicates because of the smoke. This can be dete3cted through smoke detectors. A light sensor is used to detect the light once any flash or spark occurs because of the malfunctions.

The inputs of these sensors are given to the microcontroller to process the data constantly. Whenever the warning signal is generated from the sensors then the microcontroller gives the signal to a GSM & sends an SMS to the concerned person to give the warning.

Alerting System of Trains through Wireless Red Signal

In transportation systems, railway networks are the biggest worldwide. But the handling of these networks is complicated due to a lot of junctions as well as huge signals on fixed distances for handling the moving train.

The train driver has to check the red signals for every time to move forward. So checking the signals constantly is extremely hard for the driver. Here, the proposed system overcomes this problem like an alerting system to give an alert to the train driver whenever a red signal at the forefront. This project uses RF technology. Once a signal changes to red, then it locates on an RF transmitter that transmits RF signals to give an alert regarding a red signal.

At present, every train uses a receiver on it. Once the receiver reaches the range of the RF Tx, then it gets the input & transmits it to the microcontroller. After that, the microcontroller processes the information to give an alert to the driver regarding the red signal ahead of it.

Wireless Video and Audio Signal Transmitter

This project is used to implement a wireless transmitter. This system includes a video signal transmitter and audio signal transmitter which work by using the FM frequency. By using this system, audio and video signals can be transmitted over a particular distance toward an FM tuner.

Wildlife Monitoring System using GSM System

This project implements a monitoring system using GSM for the wildlife of animals. The proposed system is mainly used to tracking the animal’s exact location in the national parks or wildlife reserves. This system uses two modems like a GPS & GSM to track the location of animals. Once the tracking is done through GPS then immediately sends an SMS to the forest officer regarding the values of Longitude & Latitude using GSM.

Heart Monitoring System using IoT And ECG

The proposed system implements a heart monitoring system using ECG & IoT. This one of the best projects in the biomedical field & used to detect the heartbeat. In this project, a progressive technique is used for ECG monitoring through IoT. This system is very helpful to monitor the ECG signal which is received from the patient through wearable sensors. This data can be stored within the database to access the data by an authorized only.

Once any defect is found then an email can be automatically sent to the doctors so that they can analyze the serious conditions & gives emergency health assistance. This project is efficient and dependable in gathering the data of real-time ECG & useful to analyze heart diseases. This is a low-cost system using IoT can be used to decrease the threat of disability as well as the death rate because of cardiovascular diseases.

Tongue Motion Controlled Wheel Chair

The TDS like tongue drive system is an assistive technology operated through the tongue. It potentially provides the public with severe disabilities using computer access effectively & environment control. This system changes the intentions of the user to control signals by noticing their tongue motion with the help of a tiny permanent magnet placed on the tongue & set of magnetic sensors are placed on headphones outside of the mouth.

In this project, a modified interface & four control strategies were developed to make a PWC which is known as a powered wheelchair through an outside TDS prototype. A hall sensor is used to change the output voltage based on the magnetic field.

In this project, the sensor works like an analog transducer so by using an identified magnetic field, the Hall plate distance from the sensor can be determined. The control system includes a microcontroller and a Hall Effect sensor. Here, the microcontroller gets the information from the sensor & the microcontroller makes the motor run so that the wheelchair moves in a specific direction. The chair direction can be decided through the microcontroller based on the magnet there at dissimilar Hall Effect sensors. This controller is preprogrammed with an intelligent program using Embedded C language.

Here are the electronics and communications project ideas are listed below.

RFID Based Project
RFID Based Project
  1. Wildlife Monitoring System using GSM System
  2. Automation System in Hospitals using RFID Technology
  3. Voice and Hand Controlled Wheel Chair
  4. Digital locking System for Two-Wheelers using Microcontroller
  5. Automated Pollution Monitoring System with Carbon Sensors
  6. Automatic Traffic Controller for VIP and Ambulance Vehicles
  7. Self-directed Fire Fighting Robot using Arduino
  8. Patrolling Robot in Night for Women Safety
  9. Arduino based Automatic Self Car Parking System
  10. Sleep Music Player for Detection of Baby Crying
  11. PIC Microcontroller based Theft Alert for Vehicle & Engine Locking System
  12. Raspberry Pi based Face Identification Attendance System
  13. Data Entry without Key
  14. Home Automation System based on Web Application & Raspberry Pi
  15. Solar Powered Robot for Pesticides Spraying & Grass Cutting
  16. Automatic Car Cleaning & Drying machine
  17. Intelligent Train based on Solar Energy
  18. Ticket Dispensing Machine Automatically based on Microcontroller
  19. Medical Announcement based on Fingerprint
  20. GSM Technology Based Patient Monitoring System
  21. Implementation of CDMA Technology System by Using VHDL Language
  22. GSM Technology Based Wireless Complete Body Scanning System by Using RF
  23. Mobile Communication based Home Automation Security System
  24. Monitoring of Traffic Light Lamp Blow System Done in Singapore
  25. Railway Track Pedestrian Crossing System without Using Staircase
  26. RFID Technology Based Industrial Warehouse Management System
  27. Digital Image Processing Technology Based Implementation of Bird Detection Algorithm
  28. Monitoring of Fully Centralized and Automatic Transport System
  29. Implementation and Comparative Analysis of Arma, Armax, Grey and Adaptive Grey Prediction Technique for Time Series Data
  30. Digital Image Processing Based Intelligent Traffic Light Control System
  31. AT89S8252 Microcontroller Based Automatic School and College Bell System
  32. AT89C2051 Based Multi-pattern Running LED Lights
  33. Time Attendance and Access Control System by Using Thumb Scanning Verification Technique
  34. 8051 Microcontroller based Drunken Driving Avoid System for Automobiles
  35. CAN Protocol Based Allocated Management System
  36. Password-Based Access Control System by Using Motorized Gate Buzzer and LCD Displays
  37. Personal Computer-Based Interactive Voice Response System for Electronic Objection Record System
  38. Controlling of Electronic Elevator by Using Voice Announcement, Speed Control, and Mini Lift Model Systems
  39. Implementation of Drip Irrigation System by Using Embedded System Applications
  40. Digital Photo Frame with Automatic Position and View Adjustment System by Using MEMS Accelerometer
  41. Wireless Library Book Catalog System by Using Touchscreen Technology and 8051 Microcontroller
  42. GPS Technology-Based Office Cab Monitoring and Controlling System
  43. Dam Water Gate Controlling System with High-Level Protection by Using DTMF Controlled Mobile Phone
  44. Single Door Bi-directional Counter Based Automatic Room Light Switcher
  45. Automatic Liquid Dispensing System Used in Tea and Soft Drink Vending Machine by Using 8051 Microcontroller
  46. Graphical LCD and GPS Based Implementation of Location Advertisement System
  47. GSM Sensor Based Accident Information System by Using GPS Technology
  48. Monitoring and Controlling of Temperature Humidity Network by Using Raspberry Pi Board
  49. Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle by Using Arduino Uno Microcontroller
  50. PIC16F84A Microcontroller Based Telephone Operated remote Control System
  51. PIC Microcontroller Based Controlling of Persona Computer Using TV Remote as a Electronic Mouse
  52. Energy Conversation system for Corporate Computers and Lighting Systems Using PIR Sensors
  53. Earth Quake Detection Social Network Broad System by Using Arduino Board
  54. PIC Microcontroller Based Authentication and Controlling System by Using RFID Technology
  55. Doppler Radar Effect Interfaced with ATMEGA16 Microcontroller for Accident Detection and Avoidance System
  56. PIC Microcontroller Based Synchronized Traffic Signals at Various Junctions
  57. I-Button Technology-Based Paperless E-Cash Management System
  58. RFID Technology and STEREO Vision-Based Human Face Recognition System
  59. Implementation of CAN Bus in Autonomous Terrain Vehicle
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The list of wireless communication project ideas includes the following. Wireless communication can be defined as the transfer of data or information between two systems without the use of wires or cables. Here we are providing a list of communication-based projects useful for all streams of engineering students. Wireless communication mainly includes RFID, GSM, GPS, Zigbee, etc. The list of the following projects will help the students in their research as well as the development of project work.

Wireless Communication Projects
Wireless Communication Projects
  1. Heart Monitoring System using IOT and ECG
  2. Humanoid Bionic Arm Wirelessly on Robotic Vehicle
  3. Smart Master Card for Metro Train using RFID
  4. Alcohol Detection of Factory Worker by Automatic Machine Power Cut
  5. IoT based Monitoring of Sound and Air Pollution x System
  6. RF & PIC Microcontroller Based Spy with Robot Night Vision
  7. Door Unlock system using GSM Based Door Unlocked system
  8. Weather Statement using GSM
  9. IoT based Detection and Avoidance Early Flood
  10. Android-based Floor Cleaning Smart Robot
  11. Controlling and Monitoring of Green House Using Smart Phones
  12. Wi-fi based home automation System Development
  13. Haptic Robotic Arm Development
  14. ATM Security System using MEMS & GSM
  15. Intelligent RF Security System using Zigbee and LCD For Cars
  16. Speed Measurement and Identification of Vehicle using RFID
  17. Remote Operated Home Appliances Switching by Using Android Mobile Application
  18. Remote Speed Control of Direct Current Motor by Android Application
  19. Remote Alignment of Three Dimensional Dish Positioning by Android Application
  20. Remote Active Current Power Control by Android Application with LCD Display
  21. Android Application Based Railway Level Gate Operation Remotely
  22. Remotely Programmable Sequential Load Process by Using Android Application
  23. PIC Microcontroller Based Vehicle Theft Intimation to the Owner on His Cellphone by Using GSM Technology
  24. GSM Technology Based Monthly Energy Billing System and SMS on GSM with User Programmable Number Features together with Onsite Display to the User
  25. Radio Frequency Technology-Based Secret Code Enabled Secure Communication
  26. Smart Card Based Security Access Control System
  27. Wireless Message Communication System between Two Personal Computers
  28. Remote Monitoring of 3 Parameters on Transformer/Generator Health with Voice Announcement and Wireless Personal Computer Interface by Using XBEE Module
  29. Infrared Communication Based Wireless Electrical Device Control System
  30. GSM Communication Based Petrol Bunk Automation with Prepaid Card System
  31. ARM-Based Environment Monitoring and Device Controlling by Using Embedded Controlled Sensor Network
  32. Wireless Relay Control and Power Monitoring System by Using Zigbee Communication Technology
  33. Locomotion Arrangement Recognition and Personal Locating Towards Improved Context Awareness Applications by Using Electromyography Technique
  34. Single-Chip Microcontroller Based Wireless Real-time LED Display Control System
  35. Zigbee Technology-Based Two-Way Wireless Data Message System for Rural Areas
  36. Zigbee Technology-Based Wireless Surveillance and Safety System for Mine Workers
  37. Zigbee, GSM and TCP/IP Protocol Based Design of Household Control System
  38. Wireless Digital Control and Monitoring System for Light Emitting Diode Lighting Based on AVR Microcontroller and Zigbee Module.
  39. Zigbee Communication Technology-Based Communication Development Interface of AC Charging for Charging Station
  40. Implementation and Designing of Embedded Systems by Using Dual Horn with Wireless Technology
  41. RF Communication Based Wireless Electrical Apparatus Controlling System
  42. Wireless Sensor Network Based Flood Monitoring of Distribution Substation
  43. Attendance System for Institutions and Two Way Circular System by Using Zigbee Tree Topology Network
  44. RF Technology-Based Wireless Electronic Notice Board with Multi-Point Receivers
  45. ARM Controller Based Automatic Power Meter with Zigbee Wireless Communication
  46. Wireless Fidelity Network-Based Industrial Automation System
  47. Wireless Language Translator in Airlines by Using Touch Screens with Zigbee Module
  48. Access Control System without Inbuilt System by Using Bluetooth Device
  49. Zigbee Network of Devices and Sensors Based High-Efficiency Remote Control System and Intelligent Street Lighting System
  50. Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality by Support of Wireless Sensor Network Prototypes
  51. Zigbee and GPRS Based Design of the Wireless Monitoring System of Solar LED Lamps

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Thus, this is all about the list of electronics and communication projects for engineering students. We hope that the above-mentioned list of electronics and communication projects for engineering students will provide a wide range of information regarding their major projects. These projects mainly include electronics projects and communication projects. Furthermore any doubts in implementing electronics and communication projects, please give your feedback by commenting in the comment section below.

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