Top List of Digital Electronics Projects with Abstract for Engineering Students

Nowadays, most of the modern electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones work with digital electronics. Digital electronics projects use a digital signal instead of an analog signal for their operation. There are many benefits of using digital signals in place of analog signals, viz. speed of operation, data protection, reproducibility, etc. The best examples of digital electronic systems are mobile phones in which voice is converted into a series of electronic pulses as digital (or 0s and 1s) and then transmitted to the receiver end where these digital pulses get converted back into a voice. The logic gate is the common fundamental unit of digital electronics and basic gates include three types: AND, OR, and NOT. Two universal gates NAND and NOR gates are made of these three basic gates. These Digital logic circuits are integrated into a single IC to design several processors and controllers.

In this article, we are providing some digital electronics projects with abstracts for engineering students and for those who are interested to do projects on digital electronics. The following are some of the latest digital electronic projects with the abstract.

Digital Electronics Projects for Engineering Students

The following digital electronics projects with abstracts are discussed below.

Latest Digital Electronics Projects
Latest Digital Electronics Projects

1). Home Security System

The aim of this project is to develop a security system to protect homes and offices from thieves. This project is designed by using LDR, LASER, buzzer, microcontrollers, and embedded C programming. When a thief or an unauthorized person enters a home, this security system circuit rings an alarm.

2). Walking Stick with Heart Attack Detection

The purpose of this project is to indicate heartbeat condition and it is designed especially for senior citizens who are prone to suffer from heart-related problems. This project consists of a microcontroller, an ECG circuitry, and a Bluetooth module.

The ECG circuitry captures a heartbeat signal from the patient by using sensors and then sends that signals to a microcontroller. Next, the microcontroller compares the heartbeat with the normal rate, and if finds above the threshold levels, it will immediately warn the people around with a buzzing sound. The Bluetooth module helps in a medical emergency at the time of the heart attack.


3). High Precision Digital Voltmeter Design and Implementation

This project is designed to build a high-precision digital voltmeter. By using this voltmeter we can measure a voltage up to 30V with 10 mV resolution. The accuracy of this voltmeter is quite good, and it can, therefore, be used where precise measurement is required.

4). MicroController Based Tachometer

This is a simple electronic transducer that aims to measure the speed of the shaft. For any rotational system, rpm (revolutions per minute) is the necessary information to operate the loads at specified speeds. So this project achieves low-cost of operation. This project is useful in floor tools and industrial control processes.

5). Vehicle Immobilization System

The aim of this vehicle immobilization system project is to detect vehicle theft by using an embedded system. This project uses a keypad to enter the password and LCD display to show the authorization information. If an authorized person enters the correct password, then the vehicle allows the person to start and drive it. If an unauthorized person enters the wrong password, the alarm will turn on and also sends the message to the owner of the vehicle.

6). Digital Soil Moisture Tester

This digital soil moisture tester project is used to check whether the soil is wet or dry, and also to check the wetness or dryness of cotton (woven and woolen) fabrics. In this project, the tester uses a number of LEDs driven by a display driver IC LM3915. When the two test probes are inserted in the soil, the display shows the relative magnitude of conductance between the two test probes. And, also measures the dryness or wetness of the soil which is indicated by sequential lighting of LED1 through LED9.

7). PWM Chopper

This project is used to design & analysis a PWM chopper for ON/OFF control with a second-order filter. This project is used for generating a PWM which is used for designing a PWM chopper used to control variable power supplies like wind turbine systems, photovoltaic, etc. The main function of the second-order filter is to compensate the o/p against the variations of irradiation & the load. Basically, this study mainly focuses on determining the connection between the pulse durations with regard to parameters of the system & technological supplies.

8). Digital Bank Token Number Display

This project is used to design a token number display system with ATmega8 Microcontroller & ULN2003 to drive the large LED display. This project is used to display the three-digit token number on the display. These projects are used in public places where people have to wait in lines like Banks, Hospitals, Airports, and Restaurants.

9). Digital Soil Moisture Tester

The digital soil moisture tester is used to monitor the soil condition whether the soil is wet/dry. This tester is also used to test the wetness or dryness of fabrics made with cotton, woolen, etc. This tester includes a display with a number of LEDs used for indication purposes. Once the two test rods are inserted in the soil, then the display panel will show the magnitude of conductance among the two probes. Based on the soil resistance, it measures the condition of the soil through the readings of soil resistance.

10). Low-Cost Fire Alarm Circuit

Fire alarm project is very simple to design and it is used to detect the fire. Once it detects the fire then generates an alarm. These circuits detect the fire at the right time so that we can prevent damage to property or people. These projects come under security systems so these are used in commercial buildings, corporate offices, banks, theatres, shopping malls, etc.

11). Simple Key Operated Gate Locking System

This project is used to design a gate locking system operated through the simple key. This system only allows authorized persons who know the password to unlock the gate. This password must be entered using the keypad in the fixed time for operating the motor that is connected to the gate. If any unauthorized person tries to unlock the gate by trying with different passwords on the keypad, then this system circuit will be disabled then generates an alarm to the concerned person.

12). 8051 Microcontroller based Digital Voltmeter

This simple project is used to design a digital voltmeter using 8051 microcontrollers. The main intension of this project is to measure the input voltage that ranges from 0V- 5V. In this project, the input voltage used by this circuit is DC voltage so that an accurate output can be obtained and that is displayed on LCD.

13). Digital Temperature Sensor

This project is used to design a digital temperature sensor project. The main function of this project is to exhibit the value of digital temperature. These circuits are applicable to ecological applications.

14). Digital Stopwatch

This project is used to design a digital stopwatch. This digital watch is used to display a 60sec time interval that counts from 0 – 59. This simple project is designed with an IC 555 & two counter ICs where 555 IC is used to generate the CLK signals and counter ICs carry the counting operation.

15). Digital Object Counter

This project is used to design a 5V digital object counter. The main function of this circuit is to count the objects. This circuit can be designed with a digital IC and LDR.

16). Digital Panel Meter

This digital panel meter project works with 5V. The main function of this project is to convert the values from analog to digital & displays them on LCD.

17). Raspberry Pi & Face Recognition based Door Lock System

In-home security systems, monitoring the people plays an essential role to check who is coming and leaving the house. We know that the home security system is mainly designed through password-based but sometimes these can be modified or stolen easily. To overcome this issue, here is a security system namely door lock system using face recognition.

This project is mainly used in high-security areas and this system can be powered with the Raspberry Pi board. This board works with battery power supply & wireless internet through a USB modem. Whenever any person comes ahead of the door, then this system identifies the face and compares it with registered data. If the registered data is matched with that person, the door will open otherwise it generates an alarm by clicking the photo and sends it to the register person number.

18). Home Automation Project Controlled through Digitally

This project is used to design a home automation system. This project uses DTMF to control the appliances of home. This project will overcome the limits of usual wall switches because these switches operate manually.

The operation of this project can be done by dialing the selected number of specific loads on DTMF to control the home appliances. The operation of this system is very easy by using a mobile phone. The DTMF technology used in this system will get the commands from the mobile phone so that digital output can be generated. This output can make the relay driver ON to control the loads. The designing of this can be done using FFs, DTMF, and De-Multiplexer.

This system can be operated by making a call to the mobile phone which is connected to this system. When this call is received through the mobile phone, then the user sends the signals to control different loads. In this project, lamps are used like AC loads which use a 12V transformer to provide the supply to the system.

Digital Electronics Projects using Arduino

The list of digital electronics projects using an Arduino is discussed below.

1). Arduino based Radio with Alarm Clock

This project is used to design an Arduino based radio through an alarm clock. This project is mainly used to display time, date, time including an Alarm on the fixed time. This system also includes a radio function too.

2). Wireless Frequency Meter using Arduino

This project is mainly designed for measuring the AC signals frequency that ranges from 50Hz – 3 kHz.

3). Fan Speed Controlling & Monitoring based on Temperature

This project is used to design a system to control the fan speed depending on temperature using Arduino. This project is used to control the fan speed based on the requirement with the help of an Arduino.

4). Digital IC Tester

This digital IC tester project can be designed with an Arduino. This project is highly reliable & cost-effective. This project is used to check different IC functions based on the developed program using different functions.

5). Audio Meter using Arduino

This project is used to design an audiometer based on an Arduino. This project uses an LCD (liquid crystal display). A standard volume indicator or VU meter is one kind of device that displays the level of the signal in audio equipment.
The input given to the Arduino board is the intensity of audio signals at the right & left channels. These are displayed like bars on the LCD display and the levels of audio signals can be measured using i/p pins of Arduino Uno.

6). Digital Thermometer using Arduino

This project is mainly used for designing a digital thermometer with the help of an Arduino. This kind of thermometer is used to check the room temperature. This project can be built with LCD display, LM35 temperature sensor & Arduino Uno board.

The controlling of different systems like AC, cooling, and heating can be done based on the readings manually otherwise automatically.

7). Digital Voltmeter using Arduino

In this project, a digital voltmeter is designed through an Arduino board. This project is used to measure voltages up to 50V & also different DC voltages. Further, this project can be enhanced to measure AC voltages by changing the circuit with code.

8). Arduino & DS 1307 based Digital Clock

This project is mainly designed to make a digital clock using DS1307 & Arduino. Here, DS1307 is a real-time CLK timer IC. The main function of this IC is to provide the data of date, year, month, hour, second & minute in the form of binary using an LCD display.

9). Digital Combination Lock

This is a security project, designed with an Arduino. Here Arduino plays the main role in controlling the door lock using the combination of the digits so that the user can lock & unlock the door by entering the digits on the hex keypad. This keypad includes digits as well as numbers. The interfacing of hex keypad can be done using an Arduino and it can be operated through the inbuilt program.

Digital Electronics Projects using Logic Gates

The list of logic gates based digital electronics projects are discussed below.

1). Detection of Keyboard Words

In this project, logic gates are used to design this project. This project a keyboard can be interfaced to a logic circuit to detect the 5 letter words otherwise a particular word whenever a user types a paragraph in English.

2). Controlling Mechanism of Water Tank

This water tank circuit is used to generate an alarming one the tank is overflow or when it includes less water or below a fixed level. This circuit is designed with logic gates. In this project, when the level of water in the tank exceeds then an outlet valve can be opened. Similarly, when the water level in the tank falls below the fixed level then the inlet valve can be opened.

3). LED-based Cube

This cube is multiplexed with LEDs to generate a 3D pattern. This cube is designed with a 6x6x6 otherwise a 7x7x7. Once the cube is switched ON, it displays patterns, text, etc. The designing of this cube can be done using a single color LED or RGB LEDs.

4). Robot for Detecting Table Edge

This project is used to design a robot using logic gates. This robot is mainly used to detect the edge of the table because when this robot moves in a straight line, it stops once it detects an edge of the table. To overcome this, this robot is very useful in detecting the table edge. Once it detects, it automatically changes its direction and moves in the forward direction.

5). Virtual Keypad using IR

This project is used to design a virtual keypad using IR to detect the user’s finger. Here, the keypad used in this project is a minimum of 4×4 in size. This keypad is connected to eight 7 segment displays. When a key is pressed on the keypad, then the display will move to the left & then the new number will be displayed automatically on the right-side display.

The list of some more logic gates based digital electronics projects include the following, The following list includes digital electronics projects using ICs, digital electronics projects using flip flops & digital electronics projects using counters.

  1. Device for Measuring Distance
  2. DTMF Controlled Car
  3. Electrical Appliances Controlling using DTMF & the PSTN Land Line System
  4. Oscilloscope using LED
  5. Ripple Carry Adder Logic Circuit
  6. Traffic Alert System For Blind Tums
  7. LED Array through Motion Sensor
  8. Tariff Car Parking System based on Time & Levels
  9. Stalking Robot
  10. Smart Room with Digital Systems
  11. Parking Robot in Parallel
  12. Scrolling Display for Text
  13. Robot using Encoder for Calculating Motion
  14. Implementation of Drum Kit using Piezo Crystal
  15. Detection of Pattern using Color
  16. Serial Transmission Encryption & Reception using Laser
  17. Intelligent Elevator System
  18. Generating & Monitoring of Pulse
  19. JK Flip Flop based Light Sensor Switch Circuit
  20. ON/OFF Switch through a Simple Touch
  21. Digital Counter Circuit using 7 Segment Display
  22. Digital Object Counter using LDR
  23. Testing of Life Cycle for Electrical Loads through Down Counter
  24. Decade Counter & 555 Timer-based Police Lights
  25. Frequency Counter Circuit using Timers & Counters
  26. Digital Stopwatch Circuit using Counters555 IC-based Time Delay Generation
  27. IC CD 4060 based Timer Circuit
  28. Message Display Circuit using IC 555

Digital Electronics LED Projects for Engineering Students

As many engineering students are searching for the best electronics projects for developing their practical knowledge. The programming and technical skills are desired for engineering students to improve their chances in their professional careers. We can easily learn basic programming techniques by implementing of microcontroller-based LED projects. Thus, this article provides top digital electronics projects for all college engineering students.

The LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’ which is now playing a major role in embedded system development. It is mainly used for illumination and indication purposes.  Here, we are providing a list of best-LED projects for electronics engineering students.

Digital ElectronicsProjects using LED for Engineering Students

Music Tone Based Dancing LEDs: DOWNLOAD

Music tone base dancing LEDs glow according to the sound of the music. The researchers found that the rhythmic lights are speeding up the brain waves that improves higher concentration levels. These simple electronics circuits projects are used to changing the  LEDs according to the sound of the music. This project uses a microphone that picks up the musical sound and is amplified through the amplifier. Then, this amplified signal triggers a sequence of LEDs using an intermediate circuit. Hence, LED flashing is achieved by changing the beat of input musical signal.

Music Tone Based Dancing LEDs - Digital Electronics
Music Tone Based Dancing LEDs – Digital Electronics

Programmable Decoration Light using LEDs: DOWNLOAD

LED technology plays an important role in today’s world. It is used to provide lighting in an attractive manner. The project is designed for decorative lighting or fancy lighting purposes which are used in shopping malls, commercial establishments, festival places, and on many other occasions. This proposed system is designed with a number of LEDs that are used as a source for lighting. Moreover, IR sensors are used instead of conventional switches to select a preferred effect. This is one of the best-LED projects for electronic and electrical engineering students.

Programmable Decoration Light Project Kit
Programmable Decoration Light Project Kit

Propeller Display of Message by Virtual LEDs: DOWNLOAD

This project is designed to display a message virtually through a circular movement by using LEDs mounted upon a PCB on a high-speed motor shaft. This project uses led circuits as a number of LEDs placed in a single line. The proposed system uses only 20 LEDs to display the message by rotating the circular movement. LED coordinates can be implemented through software. The LED projects are used to display any messages in an attractive manner.

Propeller Display of Message by Virtual LEDs Project Kit
Propeller Display of Message by Virtual LEDs Project Kit

PC Controlled Scrolling Message Display for Notice Board using LEDs: DOWNLOAD

Usually, the notice board is used to scroll the information, but scrolling various announcements day-to-day is a difficult process. A person is separately required to take care of this notice board. This system displays notices by a PC on notice boards. This system is designed to control the scrolling message display my PC to display the scrolling information. It can also be used to display updated information anywhere, such as colleges, shopping malls, bus stations, and other places. The information is transmitted from a PC. The led based projects provide the ultimate solutions for the users.

PC Controlled Scrolling Message Display for Notice Board
PC Controlled Scrolling Message Display for Notice Board

Vehicle Movement Sensed LED Street Light with Idle Time Dimming: DOWNLOAD

This project is designed to detect vehicle movement on highways to turn ON only a block of LED lights ahead of it (vehicle), and to switch OFF trailing lights to save energy. This project saves the energy, which is achieved by sensing an upcoming vehicle, and then to switch ON a block of street lights ahead of the vehicle. If there are no vehicles on the highway, then all the lights remain OFF without human intervention. Thus, we can save energy using a flashing led circuit arrangement.

Vehicle Movement Sensed LED Street Light - Music Tone Based Dancing LEDs - Digital Electronics
Vehicle Movement Sensed LED Street Light – Music Tone Based Dancing LEDs – Digital Electronics

ARM Cortex (STM32) based Solar Street Light with LEDs: DOWNLOAD

The intensity of street lights is required to be kept high during the crowning hours. As the traffic on the roads tends to decrease slowly in late nights, the intensity can be reduced progressively till morning to protect energy. Therefore, the street lights switch ON at the dusk and then switch OFF at the dawn automatically. The process repeats every day.

ARM based Solar Street Light
ARM-based Solar Street Light

The project is designed for LED-based street lights with auto intensity control using solar power from photovoltaic cells. As awareness for solar energy is increasing, more and more individuals and institutions are opting for solar energy. Photovoltaic cells are used for charging batteries by converting the sunlight into electricity. This is a microcontroller LED project that works based on PWM pulses provided by the microcontroller to control the intensity of the light.

Solar Highway Lighting System with Auto Turn Off in Daytime: DOWNLOAD

High-Intensity Discharge lamps (HID) generally used in urban street lights, which work based on the principle of gas discharge, and thus, the intensity is not controllable by any voltage reduction method as the discharge path gets broken. LED lights are the future of lighting, because of their little energy consumption and long life they are fast replacing conventional lights world over. A white light-emitting diode (LED) replaces the HID lamps where intensity control is possible by pulse width modulation.

Solar Highway Lighting System
Solar Highway Lighting System

Raspberry Pi based Solar Street Light using LEDs: DOWNLOAD

This project is designed for LED-based street lights with auto intensity control using solar power from photovoltaic cells interfaced to a Raspberry Pi board. The intensity control helps in saving energy during late nights while traffic density on the streets is low. A Raspberry Pi board is engaged to offer different intensities at the different times of night using PWM technique to save the energy, and a charge controller is used to charging and discharging the battery.

Raspberry Pi based Solar Street Light
Raspberry Pi based Solar Street Light

Arduino based Solar Street Light Using LEDs: DOWNLOAD

This project is designed to automatically control the intensity of light by an Arduino board using solar power from photovoltaic cells. Present days, the usage of solar energy is increasing from institutions to industries. Solar panels are used for charging batteries by converting the sunlight into electrical energy. A charge controller circuit is used to control the charging of the battery. The intensity of street lights is required to be kept high during peak hours. As the traffic on the roads to decrease slowly in late nights, the intensity can be reduced gradually till morning to save energy. Hence, the street lights switch ON at the dusk and then switch OFF at the dawn automatically.

Arduino based Solar Street Light
Arduino based Solar Street Light

LEDs Based Light Intensity Control System: DOWNLOAD

The proposed system used to control the intensity of light by developing pulse width modulated signals that drives MOSFET to switch an LED bank accordingly to achieve the desired operation. This is a simple led project, designed with a set of LEDs that consume less power. It has a long lifetime, as compared to the conventional HID lamps. The intensity of LED projects can be controlled as per the requirement during the off-peak hours which is not feasible in HID lamps.

Intensity Controlled Energy Saving LED Street Lights
Intensity Controlled Energy Saving LED Street Lights

Nowadays digital electronics deal with the logic gates, flip-flops, CMOS – the foundation for modern computers and digital communications. Such types of different digital logic circuits can be built into a single integrated circuit to design microprocessors and other high-end computational systems. These processors are capable of performing millions of operations per second. A digital electronics system uses binary numbers of 1s and 0s to represent information. The following list is some latest projects on digital electronics for the electronic engineering students, who can widely implement them. Here is the list of such projects:

  1. Face Recognition Using Eigen Values
  2. Metro Railway Automation using VLSI
  3. Traffic Alert System for Blind Tums
  4. Device Switching Using Password
  5. Microcontroller Based Tachometer
  6. Design of Bus Status Identification
  7. Automatic Spray Painting Gun
  8. Object Counter for Industries
  9. Programmable Melody Generator
  10. Battery Powered Portable Light
  11. Auto Turnoff Soldering Iron Circuit
  12. Digital Modern LED Voltmeter
  13. Digital Based Stepped Out Voltage
  14. Electronic Card Locking System
  15. Digital Clock Using Plasma Display
  16. Digital Taxi Fare Meter
  17. Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter
  18. Digital Birth Date Teller as Party Game
  19. Digital Car Lock with Alarm
  20. Digital Score Display Board
  21. Digital Memory for Door Bell
  22. Long Range FM TX
  23. Drilling Machine Speed Controller
  24. Binary to Dot-Matrix Decoder
  25. Hire Meter for Automobiles
  26. Anti Bag Snatching Alarm
  27. Vehicle Immobilization System
  28. Paddle Controlled Washing Machine
  29. RF Control Electrical Appliances
  30. The MIDI Controller Glove
  31. Sun Tracking System for Solar Panels
  32. Advanced Elevator Control
  33. Rhythm Following Flash Lights
  34. Contact Less AC Main Voltage Detector
  35. Digital Voltage Scanner
  36. Object Counter for Industry Application
  37. Digitally Controlled Radio Receivers
  38. Virtual Whack-a-Mole Circuit
  39. Digital Bank Token Number Display
  40. Digital Depth Measurement
  41. Pipe Length Measurement for HDPE plants
  42. Long Duration Timer with Accuracy
  43. Digital Length Measurement
  44. Automatic Transformer with Winding Controller System
  45. Single Key Security System
  46. Automated Movable Camera
  47. Data Acquiring System for Airports
  48. Three in One Tone Generator
  49. Digital Mains Failure/Resumption Alarm
  50. Twilight Lamp Blinker
  51. Advanced LED Temperature Indicator
  52. Speed Checker for Highways
  53. Burglar Alarm Using Passive IR Sensors
  54. Home Automation x10
  55. Propeller Displaying Message with Temperature Indicator
  56. Digitally Adjustable Dancing Lights
  57. Soldering Iron Tip Preserve
  58. Digital Soil Moisture Tester
  59. Cell phone-Based Remote Controller for Motors
  60. Solar Lamp with Changeable Power Supply and Solar Charger
  61. Simple Water Temperature Indicator
  62. Phase Failure Relay
  63. Fabric Tear Sensor
  64. Long Duration Timer with Accuracy
  65. Hire Meter for Automobiles
  66. Mobile Device Safety Measures Using Transient Authentication
  67. Hand-Held Electronic Voting Machine & Data Retrieval System
  68. Fire Sensing Robot with Auto Dial-up Facility and No Extinguisher
  69. Autonomous Navigation Tool (A.N.T)- Gps Based Navigation
  70. Prepaid Electricity Billing Radiofrequency 2 Way Automation Using Contact Less EMPCR Card & Reader with Voice Annunciation – IVRS
  71. Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System-Radio Frequency Based Wireless Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System
  72. Walking Robot with Hyper Line Tracker Using Infra-Red Sensors for Uneven Terrain
  73. Design and Implementation of Fire Fighting Robo Using Ultrasonic Technology
  74. Computerized Train Control System
  75. Attendance System Monitoring in Industry AIDC
  76. Printer Sharing Box
  77. Finger Print Authentication for Passport Checking
  78. Unbiased Digital Dice with LEDs
  79. Digital Programmable Syringe for Remedial Purpose
  80. Cats in Cars (compact anti-theft in cars)
  81. Digital Control of a Two-Phase Motor

Digital Electronics Mini Projects List

Here is the list of mini-projects in digital electronics that includes the latest digital projects in 2014, for the electronic engineering students.

  1. Ultra Sonic Alarm for Visually Impaired
  2. Infra-Red Repeater.
  3. Digital Fan Speed Regulator
  4. Phase Failure Relay
  5. Digital Bank Token Number Display
  6. Main Phase Sequence Indicator
  7. Precise Digital AC Power Controller
  8. Digital Programmable Dark Room Controller
  9. Adaptive Lighting System for Automobiles
  10. Automatic Transformer Winding Control System
  11. Digitizing Signals from Electronic Stringed Instruments
  12. A GSM Jammer Design and Construction
  13. Digital Length Measurement
  14. Universal Digital Function Generator
  15. Digital-based Pipe-Length Measurements for HDPE Plants

Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of a digital circuit when compared to the analog circuits include the following:

  • There is no data loss when we copy digital data.
  • These systems are easy to control with software and interface well with computers. And information storage can be easier in these digital systems compare with the analog ones.
  • These circuits consume more energy than the analog circuits to accomplish the processing tasks and calculations.
  • In small quantities, digital circuits are more expensive.

Applications of Digital Electronics

In everyday life, we use digital electronics in home appliances like stoves, washers, mobile phones. In offices, we use computers and tablets, and for personal purposes, we use watches, cameras, video recorders, video games, and so on.

This is the list of titles related to the digital electronic projects, DIY LED projects, which are available in different online sites that are used in digital communications as well as digital system implementation. Hope you have got the best list from this article and we believe that you might have got satisfied with this article. Apart from this, if you have any queries or suggestions regarding digital electronics projects, please write down in the comments section given below, and therefore, for further help regarding the nonmicrocontroller projects and suggestions you can write to us or comment in the comment section given below.

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